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Kevuru Games is an active participant in the gaming industry. We are an outsourcing service provider specializing in various areas: game art, design and development. Our team of professionals helps global companies design and develop games of various sizes and difficulty levels. We are proud to partner with leading companies in the gaming industry who contribute to transformational entertainment projects.

With 8+ years in the gamedev world under the belt, we can state that this area changes at the speed of light. For that reason, we decided to highlight the latest trends in the world of game development in order to guide game developers and publishers to the products that are in demand in the market.

The gaming industry began about 50 years ago when the first video games were introduced to the first electronic displays. Since that time, many devices and inventions have appeared that correspond to the main achievements of computer technology. In addition, dozens of genres and millions of projects have emerged that affect this area of business. In this material, we’ll bring you a list of the top-selling games and share their success stories.

At the same time, the industry is determined by trends that change every year. 2023 is a very special year because of the many changes taking place on the global stage. Some of the most notable trends in the gaming industry are driven by the need to adapt after the COVID-19 pandemic to the war. This made more people addicted to different games. To which ones and how many percent the gaming audience has increased, you will find out in this material prepared by our team.

Overall, our analysis is the result of an iterative process in which we analyze the gaming industry at a very detailed level. During this process, we rely on quantifiable / non-quantifiable metrics from a variety of reputable resources to uncover the big picture formed by key players – gamers and game developers / publishers.

Use this data to move forward with Kevuru Games!

Introduction to the Gaming Industry and Its Development

Many advances in computing paved the way for the industry to emerge – the first minicomputers, electronic displays with a pixel or simple 2D graphics, the first generation of game consoles, and more. As time went on, devices got more powerful, games got bigger and more engaging. Game enthusiasts have driven the movement towards the best software solutions, better graphics, better sound, and more advanced technology that we know and use today.

As a result, it has developed from a small market to a mainstream market with an average growth rate of 9% per year (according to the Entertainment Software Association (usually abbreviated as ESA) annual reports and other authoritative materials). The global gaming market is estimated at $151.55 billion in 2019. Revenue is expected to reach $256.97 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 9.17% over the forecast period (2020-2025).

But what about 2023, a year that brought us unpredictable challenges? As stated in a recent report by Imarkgroup, the global gaming market has generated $202.7 billion in revenue in 2022. There will be a 9.08% annual growth during 2023-2028. It can be concluded that the COVID-19 pandemic may have only hastened the emergence of a potential new gaming audience as more people than ever before are using games for communication and entertainment.

We can say that when game enthusiasts lined up to implement and use new project ideas, a $150 billion industry officially began. The success of a game depends on many factors – like the authority of the developers and the publisher, the success of other studio projects, marketing, the season, competition with other games of the same genre.

Today it is an industry that is attracting not only more and more users, but also more developers and publishers. Even though the world’s top five game publishers include Tencent Games, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Apple, Microsoft, Nintendo, everyone has a lot of chances to succeed in this area and enter the market with a valuable product. As Halfbrick Studios once did it with Fruit Ninja, or Minecraft by Mojang Studios. This is harder to get to top these days, but some studios are often made up of developers who have left a big publisher and gone on an independent journey. This does not mean that only these developers will be able to succeed in this venture. Currently, a global talent pool is available for collaboration and the creation of world-famous projects.

Kevuru Games is working on gaming projects to improve the player experience today

Our dedicated team provides expert game design and development support. We cover all stages of game development – from highly-detailed concepts to animated 3D characters, complete game environments, interactive user interfaces and other elements that make a game project stand out in the market.

In a game studio, as in any company, there are different departments. The number of these departments primarily depends on the size of the studio or the amount of work on the project or projects. The development team traditionally consists of game designers, artists, developers, game producers, programmers, art directors, project managers, and so on. The market and huge project funding allow you to create games with stunningly complex graphics, attract hundreds of thousands of people to develop a project and, in the same way, bring pleasure to the end user – the player.

As the industry is going through what is arguably its most unpredictable year, we’ve put together ideas to shed light on what might lie ahead, focusing on what’s important to gamers and how to succeed in the current marketplace.

Who Are Modern Gamers?

To better understand the gaming industry and its trends, we suggest studying its audience – who are modern gamers? We’ve taken into account – 2022 Claudwards facts and trends in gaming industry – to create you the big picture of the industry and its audience.

A portrait of the gaming audience in 2023

Not so long ago, the gaming audience could be described in a simple sentence – a separate part of society, consisting mainly of children and teenagers. Since then, schoolchildren have grown, and technology has reached such a level of development that now more and more adults get addicted to games. Yes, millennials are still the dominant category of gamers (48%), but there are also adults ready to play all day – on mobile, tablet or console. There is an aging (maturation) of the gaming audience: they only grow, but continue to play.

The above stats are based on the number of active gamers worldwide taken from Statista from 2015 to 2023.

According to Newzoo, the number of players worldwide continues to grow and will exceed 3 billion by 2023. This proves the fact that player engagement is also increasing on average, doubling every 5 years. This means that players are eager to come back and play the game over and over again. There are highly engaged players who indicate that they spend at least 15 hours per week playing on PC, mobile phone or console.

Today, gamers make up 37% of global internet users in 2023. This means that every 4 in 10 Internet users are gamers, that is, those who are interested in games and play games. Thus, game developers and publishers have a large audience for which they can create new products or re-publish old games (more about this trend later).

The Asia-Pacific region has a large number of gamers – 1,447 million of those who play games. This is 54% of the global community of gamers. No wonder that this region is among the leaders who spends the most money on games: it accounts for 49% of the global gaming market share with a large share of revenue in China – $744,100 million. Yet, it is not surprising, because it is the most populous region in the world. However, if we take the countries, the leaders in terms of revenue are again the United States: here the revenue from games reaches $ 36.9 billion.

We can see that among the 2.7 billion players worldwide, 63% of the players are men, compared to 37% are women. This means that women don’t get left behind games – they are active players who can set trends in future products. Here, all the hope is for the developers who will release a decent game. There is a great tendency to adapt modern games to the end consumer. That is why more and more developers tend to create games with the ability to “control” a female character, separating purely feminine storylines, equipment and weapons. Modern game content is gradually being filled with everything necessary for a girl to play serious male games. The salvation of the world, albeit a virtual one, is very popular with girls.

Direct and indirect trends are fundamentally changing the gaming audience. Take, for example, the gamification of the processes around us – in business, education, training, marketing, etc. Games are a new tool in many fields, so they are not designed exclusively for computer geeks. Let’s get to know all the latest trends in the gaming industry, keeping the finger on the pulse of all existing and potential players!

The Latest Trends in the Gaming Industry: Top 10

1. The Return of Game Consoles With Major Upgrades and a Wide Lineup of New Games

Microsoft and Sony plan to release new flagship consoles by the end of 2020. It will be the next generation of home consoles with an updated look and technical characteristics. So, hits will be released almost one after another for the army of game console fans. Consoles are among the most popular devices for gaming as well as other activities, especially among players around the world between the ages of 25 and 34. In the current generation of consoles, Sony’s PlayStation 4 and 5 significantly outperforms the Xbox One in sales worldwide.

2. Re-Release of Old Games and Remastered Versions With New Hd Features and Other Capabilities

At the presentation of games for PS5, Sony announced a remake of Demon’s Souls. This is a re-release of the very first Bandai Namco Souls Series that originally came out exclusively on the PlayStation 3 in 2009. Updated graphics, improved visual effects and many other various fixes and improvements await players. And there are more and more such releases every month. Projects like Homeworld Remastered Collection or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered are good examples. Most likely, most gamedev companies will continue the nostalgic trend. What is also remarkable about these remakes of games is that nostalgia is one of the fundamental triggers for millennials to play games.

3. Increased Demand for Cloud-Based Games

It is a type of online game that is accessible through a ubiquitous and convenient network, meaning it can be hosted on a company server rather than on a player’s computer or device. For this reason, they are sometimes called games on demand or games as a service. As a result, cloud gaming is overcoming the technical and financial constraints that many users face today as new technologies and technical requirements emerge. Every year, computer games are becoming more demanding: to play comfortably with the maximum graphics settings, you will have to pay a big sum for a computer or any other gaming platform. The global cloud gaming market grew from $0.16 billion in 2019 to $3.23 billion by 2023.

4. Gradual Transition From a One-Time Transaction to a Subscription Service

One of the success factors for the gaming industry in 2022 is associated with a significant change in the business model. Most game providers have moved from a one-time purchase model to a regular stream of revenue from EA Play, PlayStation Now, Xbox Game Pass, and other game subscription services. If earlier monetization in the game consisted of selling characters, weapons, expansion packs and many other virtual items, today it is more profitable for many to play them for a nominal monthly fee. This is because today’s consumers are buying fewer games than they used to. What’s more, gamers who pay to subscribe spend about 45% more on games than non-subscribers.

5. Mobile Gaming Boom in a New Genre Known as Hybrid-Casual Games

All gaming segments saw an increase in engagement and revenue as a result of the COVID-19 measures, but the largest growth was in mobile gaming. Overall, mobile gaming revenue by 2027 will amount to $533.00 billion, up 7.7% annually. A fairly significant part of it comes from casual games. In the general mobile gaming arena, 2018 and 2019 were the years of hyper-casual games, but hybrid-casual games took over from 2020, and are still in trend according to the Newzoo Global Mobile Market Report 2022. They combine elements of gameplay and monetization from both hyper-casual and mainstream genres such as action-based role-playing games (ARPGs) and deck builders. In 2023 the market may be cooling down.

6. The Arrival of Big Game Titles in Mobile Gaming

Get ready for an exciting year as the gaming industry prepares to unleash a veritable storm of over 100 exciting video game releases in 2023. Let’s await together a symphony of breathtaking experiences where fantasy worlds collide with cutting-edge technology. Anticipation is building as coveted titles such as the enigmatic space odyssey Starfield, the gripping epic Final Fantasy 16, and the immersive The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will captivate gamers worldwide.
But that’s just the beginning! Next, you can embark on a journey through iconic franchises, where familiar representatives of gaming history will return with captivating new chapters. Experience the adventures of Marvel’s Spider-Man or the enigmatic world of Assassin’s Creed. The legendary battles of Street Fighter await; this beloved series promises to redefine the boundaries of immersion. And there’s more!

7. Esports Is Reaching a New Level – Significant Competitiveness, Investments and Mobile Audience Growth

The Newzoo Global Esports Market Report 2022 shows significant revenues in this area – $1,38 billion globally, Globally, the total eSports audience grew to 532.0 million people in 2022, up 8.7% over the same period last year. The key driver in this area is the growth of the audience, especially the mobile one. The explosion of mobile esports is also seen among the latest trends, along with the growing popularity of mobile gaming in general.

8. Live Game Streaming Catches on in a Big Way

These days, games are not only played, but also watched with great interest. Twitch and YouTube are literally bursting at the seams with an abundance of streamers and their viewers. Today, the number of monthly Twitch streamers exceeds 7,3 million channels in 2023 streaming each month, and watched 472 billion minutes monthly. And YouTube, not wanting to share fame with Twitсh, is actively promoting its service for game broadcasts YouTube Gaming. Therefore, most are leaning towards releasing a game that is enjoyable to watch, rather than just playing. Check, for example, Mark Zuckerberg’s gaming app that lets users watch and create gaming-focused live streams on the famous Facebook.

9. Cloud Is the Most Promising End-to-End Technology in the Video Game Industry

Periods of high demand for online entertainment due to forced self-isolation or other factors, including new releases, promotions, and seasonality, always return gaming companies to the challenges of a high-performance, reliable and extremely flexible infrastructure. In this case, no one can deny the benefits of cloud infrastructure. Most gaming providers are actively using the cloud to solve everyday tasks and speed up most development processes, as well as work with high loads and traffic peaks. For example, Wargaming, the global leader in the multiplayer gaming market, has accelerated the development and testing of its products with the help of clouds.

10. The Demand for VR/AR Continues and Will Continue to Grow in Gaming

The demand for VR/AR continues and will continue to grow in gaming
VR and AR continue to blur the boundaries between reality and the virtual world more due to technological advances. The global AR and VR gaming user base is expected to grow to 216 million users by 2025. 2020 started drawing more attention to the virtual reality industry due to the COVID-19 outbreak and to this day delivers a stable CAGR of 30%. For example, the popular Minecraft sandbox video game has made an update that allows it to be played with a PlayStation VR headset. Pokémon Go remains the AR industry’s biggest success story, earning more than $4.5 billion. The greatest introduction of VR or AR technologies is expected among the developers of various simulations.

There is always a lot of innovation and trends in the gaming industry as video game companies are constantly looking for new ways to attract and retain customers. Competition for players is growing, and some new products and services are starting to gain momentum. There are games whose popularity seems to be forever like Minecraft, League of Legends or Counter-Strike. There are fashionable novelties that break stereotypes and overthrow recognized authorities, and over time they themselves become classics and set trends. Every year, new gaming trends emerge that developers and publishers chase to maximize profits and cash in on the popular. And even if 2023 is not easy for most industries, many continue or are just starting to play and discover new things in the gaming world.

The List of Best-Selling Games in 2023

As we dive into 2023, it’s time to explore the most captivating and best-selling games that have engaged the gaming community. From breathtaking graphics to immersive gameplay, this comprehensive list highlights the top best-selling games in 2023. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore enthusiast, these titles you should know for sure.

The gaming industry continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace. Technological advances, changing player preferences, and emerging platforms have transformed the gaming industry into a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem.

Tastes differ – someone is waiting for an AAA shooter, someone – an indie adventure, turn-based strategy or a remake of a game from 20 years ago. They all will find something to play this year. And if there is no dispute about tastes, sales are still counted, and the numbers may indicate the popularity of a particular game. Let’s take a look at the most popular names for the first half of 2023.

Minecraft Dungeons – One of Spin-off Games Booming in Sales in 2023

Minecraft Dungeons - Best-Selling Games in 2020: Key Factors of Success, Demand Trends and Forecasts of Future Leaders

This action / adventure role-playing video game is able to captivate players for a long time, as Minecraft once did. Minecraft is still incredibly popular with sales peaking at $200 million and 126 million gamers per month. As a reminder, Minecraft Dungeons is a spin-off of the popular sandbox game Minecraft from the Swedish game development studio, Mojang. In this game, players have to hunt for treasures and confront dangerous monsters in a team of up to four people. Each level will differ from the previous one in the camera angle, the location of some paths and buildings, as well as the number of secrets and chests.

Posted by Minecraft. “Minecraft Dungeons: Gameplay Reveal Trailer”. YouTube. June 9, 2019.

The game received mixed reviews. Many found the game fun and engaging, and its visuals and music are highly appreciated. However, some elements, such as simple gameplay, procedural generation, and short storytelling, generated more controversy.

Minecraft Dungeons – Game Reviews

Taken from Minecraft Dungeons Review by IGN (short for the former name Imagine Games Network).

Minecraft Dungeons is basically Diablo with a Minecraft skin. Sure, it doesn’t mine the same mechanical depths as Diablo, and plays it safe with the formula instead of blazing its own path with bold Minecraft-inspired ideas, but it has all the fun combat, and loot it needs, and it’s accessible to just about anyone.

MLB: The Show 23 – One of the Fastest-Selling Game in the History of the Baseball Franchise in 2023

MLB: The Show 20 - Best-Selling Games in 2020: Key Factors of Success, Demand Trends and Forecasts of Future Leaders
Posted by PlayStation. MLB The Show 23 – PS5 4K 60FPS Gameplay YouTube. April 2023.

MLB: The Show 23 is a sports baseball video game where players are split into two teams and take turns batting and fielding. In general, the gameplay is built according to the rules of real baseball. The virtual variation of baseball has simplified rules of the game. It focuses on the accuracy of throwing and hitting the ball. Players from the offensive team (batting team) must calculate the strength of the blows using a special scale, which must be stopped in time. At the same time, players can jump to the sides, jump when falling and accelerate. Winners are determined by counting the points earned for an action.

Generally speaking, despite all the exciting elements in the gameplay, graphics, MLB: The Show 23 remains a game exclusively for those who are already into baseball. MLB: The Show has been around since 2006, so it had time to grow its fan base and grew in popularity.

MLB: The Show 23 – Game Reviews

Taken from MLB The Show 23 Review by MLB Run

“ Comparing the changes with the older version of the game, MLB The Show 23 was developed with improvements to the bugs that occurred in the previous 22 versions.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – The Game Sales of Which Skyrocketed During the Lockdown

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Best-Selling Games in 2020: Key Factors of Success, Demand Trends and Forecasts of Future Leaders
Posted by Nintendo of America. “Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Nintendo Direct 9.4.2019 – Nintendo Switch”. YouTube. September 5, 2019.

New Horizons has been destined for success since its announcement. What if you are locked at home during a pandemic? Right, the majority chose to play this game. Animal Crossing: New Horizon is a game where players live on an island with anthropomorphic creatures and complete quests to make money. It was a runaway success during the pandemic, attracting people looking for escape and alternative ways to communicate.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Game Reviews

Taken from Animal Crossing: New Horizons Reviews at Gamerant.

“ Despite the lack of big updates from NintendoAnimal Crossing: New Horizon‘s fan base has found all sorts of unique ways to keep their favorite cozy game alive. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – One of the Best-Selling PC Games in 2023

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Best-Selling Games in 2020: Key Factors of Success, Demand Trends and Forecasts of Future Leaders
Posted by Call of Duty. “Official Reveal Trailer | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare”. YouTube. May 30, 2019.

Even though this first person shooter was released in 2019, it is still gaining popularity. Fan also expect the full premium version release in 2023. Modern Warfare also benefits from increased player engagement due to the need to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company said Modern Warfare has sold more copies and has more players online than any previous Call of Duty game in the same time frame. Cumulative app gross amounted $1.1 billion since release and 88 million downloads. The game is a relaunch of the Modern Warfare sub-series, and it is not a direct sequel to Modern Warfare 3.

Call of Duty has always been about spectacular gunfire and other impressive visuals, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is no exception. If you watch how the series works, how the developers present shootouts and create level designs, you will be pleasantly surprised. There are always impressive episodes to keep the players entertained. No shooter series in the world has managed to achieve the same quality of directing, voice acting and production that you will see in Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Game Reviews

Taken from a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Review by The Guardian.

It’s fun and it’s really well made. Modern Warfare looks astonishing, from the almost photorealistic cinematic sequences to the intricately detailed in-game environments: the desert towns, the city streets, the remote villas. Sometimes you just have to stop and admire the orange glint of the sun off a burned-out vehicle.

Legends of Runeterra – One of the Best-Selling Mobile Games in 2023

Legends of Runeterra - Best-Selling Games in 2020: Key Factors of Success, Demand Trends and Forecasts of Future Leaders

In October 2019, Riot Games announced several new projects at once, including Legends of Runeterra. This collectible card game (CCG) originated from the world-famous League of Legends. While Legends of Runeterra is tied to the League of Legends universe, players don’t need to be familiar with the original game. This product can boast several interesting ideas, thanks to which its gameplay seems fresh against the background of competitors. The game has a huge number of mechanics, both familiar from other CCGs (for example, “choosing the enemy”), and unusual. For example, “Depth”, when triggered, if there are 15 cards left in the deck, creatures with this perk will receive additional bonuses to your stats.

Posted by Legends of Runeterra. ““BREATHE” | Official Launch Video – Legends of Runeterra”. YouTube. April 30, 2020.

The visual part of the game deserves special praise. The smooth animation of characters and objects, detailed 2D art create a lively atmosphere while playing this game. Experienced players will see familiar characters from League of Legends, build an unbeatable deck, fight opponents in colorful arenas and earn many rewards. They all will experience dynamic battles with many options for the development of events.

Legends of Runeterra – Game Reviews

Taken from the Legends of Runeterra Review by MasteringRunetera.

“The esports scene of Legends of Runeterra is thriving, with numerous tournaments and events taking place regularly. These events feature some of the best players from around the world competing for large prize pools. The biggest tournament, the Legends of Runeterra World Championship, has a prize pool of over $200,000 t’s actions.

The COVID-19 Impact on the Gaming Industry

It is worth noting that the period from spring 2020 has become a real boom for the gaming industry. The coronavirus pandemic played a role in this, tying everyone to the house. Unsurprisingly, most people have brightened up their self-isolation with computer and mobile games. This is evidenced by the fact that game downloads have increased markedly over this period. Just for thought – 14.4 billion mobile games were downloaded in both app stores – the Apple App Store and Google Play in Q2 2022. Revenue growth (CAGR 2020-2025) is expected to be 2.8%, resulting in a projected market size of $19,097 million by 2025.

Along with younger users, older people are also showing interest in games, which is considered another reason for the increased demand for games during the COVID-19 pandemic. People aged 55-64 play mental stimulation games as highlighted in the Techjury 2023 Essential Facts About the Video Game Industry report.

So, the COVID-19 pandemic is opening up additional opportunities for game providers. The main thing is to navigate the rapidly developing gaming industry, its technologies and at the same time in the global entertainment sector in order to offer the most popular products and satisfy the basic needs and desires of the gaming audience. Competition in the global gaming market is extremely high, and companies are forced to look for innovative tools and technologies in order to offer their customers the most convenient platform. The developers of game content face a difficult task – to create a unique and modern solution that will be interesting to fans of games of different age categories.

As for the key trends determining the development of the global gaming industry in 2023, first of all, it is necessary to note top tricks used to meet the consumer demands: game development on popular platforms with cloud and VR support, impressive graphic design, artificial intelligence, etc.

In conditions of isolation, games have been actively integrated into social networks. In this way, they themselves become a kind of social network to keep in touch with others. By the way, with the spread of Сovid-19, the popularity of eSports has only grown, but at a different level. Now esports tournaments are full-fledged championships held entirely in the virtual world. It is possible to even say that the border between the virtual and the real world has disappeared thanks to online streaming of gameplay. In countries with closed borders, in empty cities, virtual life is in full swing.

At the same time, the pandemic has become a challenge for the largest market players, confusing their plans. So, in April, it became known that Sony, due to difficulties with logistics, postponed the release of one of the most anticipated games – The Last of Us: Part II. In May, one of Ubisoft’s largest developers and distributors also warned that COVID-19 would delay the release of one of its high-budget games.

Another significant change caused by the pandemic is that most developers have to master new formats of work – remote. According to the GDC’s 2023 State of the Game Industry Report, there are 2300 game developers and they mostly move to hybrid remote-office work. However, many gamedev companies have practiced remote work, hiring programmers around the world – in that sense, little has changed for them. So, let’s move on to the main factors for the success of the gaming market that need to be considered in 2023.

The Main Factors of Success in the Gaming Market Today

In modern conditions, the competition for the attention of players is very high. But is quality always important to guarantee the success of a game? Is the popularity of game titles or the credibility of developers or publishers in the marketplace the only determinant of high sales? Of course, success depends on many factors: marketing campaigns, ad quality, product features, target audience, release time and many more. Among the large number of developers, everyone hopes that their next game will receive high recognition and become multi-million dollar income. However, few are destined to reach the level of Fortnite, Minecraft or Angry Birds. The success enjoyed by these particular games is far from accidental.

What makes one game rank among the most grossing games while the other has a hard time chasing fans? Based on the list of the best-selling games of 2020, the following success factors can be highlighted:

Success Factor #1. Game Development in the Most Popular Genres

In 2023, 3.09 billion gamers continue to play games of all genres – from board and card games to simulation and strategy. One of the success factors for most game developers is the variety of genres in which they can create a game. There are dozens of game genres, and if you take into account the subcategories and mixed genres, then hundreds. Moreover, between 2022-2023, people are looking for new ways of entertainment in new genres such as hyper-casual games or battle royale games. Here you are top 5 genres popular in 2023.

The most popular game genres in 2023

The question arises, what genres of games are popular today? It is important for current and future game developers to get a path of movement. So let’s talk about the most popular genres of games this year that are unlikely to leave positions in 2023. Everyone can find the game according to the mood, preferences, and experience of players.

Gamers genre preference - Best-Selling Games in 2020: Key Factors of Success, Demand Trends and Forecasts of Future Leaders

Success Factor #2. Correctly Chosen Platforms for the Game

There is no one 100% perfect machine that would do absolutely everything that is required in the gaming world. While PC games can perform some tasks better than console games and vice versa, each will always have its own pros and cons. But you can approach the game development process more intelligently, take the following considerations into account for each platform, and choose the most appropriate one based on your needs and goals.

The most successful gaming companies in the long run don’t just grab the attention of their audiences with games on the same platform in demand today. They create a stable game that works across platforms to appeal to different audiences. If you take another look at the list of top-selling games of 2023 above, you will notice this trend – most of them are released on different platforms.

Success Factor #3. Beautiful Style and Atmospheric Graphic Design

Games have always been a lucrative segment of the entertainment market, so more and more developers are active, constantly releasing new products with updated design elements. Therefore, the appearance of original, bright, colorful and quite realistic designs is not surprising.

Indeed, we’ve come a long way since the days of basic 8-bit graphics in games. Recent advancements now allow gamers to experience games in fully rendered worlds with photorealistic textures. The ability to enhance gameplay with higher image quality makes players feel like they are in the game. A number of games can be distinguished with the beauty of the surrounding world and the visual component and give out a vivid picture. At the same time, most of them are engaged in creating a minimalist and simple design for games.

Computer games are built around software, visuals, and storytelling. Graphic designers creates whatever the user sees on the screen. They work on a virtual world with levels, interfaces, characters, environments, animations, graphic elements and special effects. All these components create an overall unique artistic atmosphere and add mood to the game.

Popular graphic styles - Best-Selling Games in 2020: Key Factors of Success, Demand Trends and Forecasts of Future Leaders

Visuals that resonate with your audience are more than detailed graphics. It must be attractive and meaningful to the players. In practice, the general aesthetics of popular games include both specific design and general artistic intent. Remember that game design and art should complement each other. For example, most fans of real-time strategies or shooters may not like cute animal units.

To determine the visual direction of their future project, many take into account the peculiarities of the chosen genre, the style of their closest competitors. At this stage, it is important to create a mood board to be able to convey the general mood and colors of the stylistics. When choosing colors, do not neglect the tastes and preferences of your target audience and platform features. For example, clean and positive colors are suitable for mobile games that are aimed at a more casual audience, and for PC and consoles, you can choose more harsh shades.

Success Factor #4. Replay Value

Game developers don’t want players to just download or play their game once; they want the game to be played over and over and over. Yes, that’s right, many are pursuing the goal of developing a game that is played as much as possible. Long-term engagement creates loyalty, which is the best way to gain a competitive edge. In order to make a game that gamers constantly want to play, you can go in two directions: so that the game cannot end quickly, or so that with each playthrough, there are some features that significantly change the gaming experience.

Instead of giving players a full game, most developers divide it into episodes (series) and release it piece by piece. In fact, the game is not cut, because there is nothing to cut. The creation of such a game takes place in real time, and the first episode can be released long before the project comes to an end. Aside from these common ways to add value to play, most of them apply to other ways – let’s see which ones.

Ways to Ensure Replay Value

Implementation Quality Wealth of Game Scenarios Extra Details
Follow the set of points that distinguish a good game from a bad one: successful gameplay design, intense plot, well-thought-out level design with challenging tasks, high-quality traced graphics, relevant music, etc. Create a well-balanced gameplay that does not limit freedom to one or two choices;

Provide the ability to run the game with different initial conditions;

Work on a non-linear storyline with different options for passing the game;

Create an open game world without being limited by rigid plot lines

Provide endless development of the game with blocked content unlocked after completing a level;

Create competitive value in multiplayer games;

Focus on team collaboration to make a game an effective communication tool during isolation;

Don’t forget about regular updates, additions to games, catalogs, modifications

Success Factor #5. The Development Team Working at Full Strength

A well-equipped workforce strengthens your business. Given that the gaming sector relies heavily on super-specialized skills and knowledge renewal, it’s worth investing a significant chunk of your time building a stellar team. Game development can be done either by one person or by a full development team. However, while in the early 1980s, with the advent of the first home computers and game consoles, a single programmer could manage almost all the tasks associated with game development, modern game development requires a wide range of skills and support staff. To work on one project requires entire teams, which usually include representatives of different specializations.

Who are these experts who are developing games today?

Gamedev team - Best-Selling Games in 2020: Key Factors of Success, Demand Trends and Forecasts of Future Leaders

As you can see, each specialist is involved in a different aspect of game development. Designers formulate key ideas. Artists paint characters, environments, and other game objects. Programmers implement game mechanics, etc. Each specialist must fill the game with meaning. To develop a game, you need at least a team of a game designer and programmer. All other pros are overkill for indie developers. But for large game studios, it is imperative to hire a full team of game development experts.

To sum up, most long-lasting games combine compelling visual design, initial appeal to target audiences, revamped gameplay and a user-friendly revenue model, and leveraging social marketing channels effectively.

The Battle Continues: Who Will Be the Next Industry Leader?

While the fate of a game is largely determined by its type, style, and many other factors, today’s teams, with a consistent effort, try to attract users using special tools, technology and data available. Hopefully, reading this material wasn’t a waste of time for you. Moreover, you get competitive information which you can use for your own business goals and needs. We kindly ask you not to take the presented data for granted. Our task is to analyze the key trends in the gaming market and present the most likely forecast of potential leaders in the industry.

Game development has become incredibly challenging due to the rapid changes in gaming technologies such as platforms, engines, virtual and augmented reality, high-definition displays, wearable electronics, the cloud, etc.

It’s an ongoing battle as thousands of games compete for the attention of players. One gets the impression that it is more profitable to release another FIFA or endless Assassin’s Creed than to risk and bet on a really worthwhile project that the audience may not understand and appreciate. … but the winners find and use their ‘sweet’ spots in the market. So, who will be the next leaders in the gaming industry? Let’s forecast together based on the data presented!

It can be very difficult for someone “outside” to get into the “production hell” of the industry, because even the teams that are “inside” find it difficult to develop and release their own game. There are enough interesting ideas and scenarios, but often either there are no resources for their implementation, or the project is “frozen” until better times due to too bold ideas and approaches. And better times may never come. So, there are only two ways to get into the world of game development: dive right into the abyss or take a long look and ask questions – “what will make my product outstanding?”, “who will earn the reputation of leaders in the market and why?” and so on. We’ve already presented you the list of success factors above. Now, let’s sum up – who will be the future leaders?

Future leaders will be those who will:

  • Find an idea that is valuable to the target audience based on their tastes and preferences
  • Assemble a full team of qualified experts to implement this idea on a professional level
  • “Attack” the gaming market with the competitive advantage and long-term benefits of products and services

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