Las Vegas is one of the most famous American cities in the world. In fact, it is one huge place for recreation and all kinds of entertainment – the number of casinos, cabarets, bars and restaurants is simply off the charts. Las Vegas is a unique sociocultural phenomenon that has arisen under the pressure of peculiar American laws. Drowning in neon lights, this city is amazingly beautiful, especially at night.

Interestingly, all Las Vegas casinos are located not in this city itself, but nearby, in the town of Paradise. There are over 80 casinos and several thousand gaming pavilions there. But is there a place for something other than gambling? How about gaming companies in Las Vegas? Are they here?

Advantages of Choosing Video Game Companies in Las Vegas

Of course, they are here, and this is not only slot machines and card games. Of course, staying away from gambling, being in its global epicenter, is quite difficult, but many Las Vegas gaming companies deal with it. Their feature is precisely in their location – the atmosphere of Las Vegas, the world capital of entertainment, the city of light and sins. It stimulates the emergence of the craziest and most original ideas, the creation of non-trivial and explosive game worlds, the most unexpected gameplay solutions and crazy stories.

We have handpicked 7 gaming companies in Las Vegas that can create something totally incredible for you.

Top 7 Gaming Companies in Las Vegas

Kevuru Games

Kevuru Games is a gaming outsourcing studio with offices in the USA and Ukraine, a ten-year history and a large pool of specialists offering full-cycle development or customized gaming services. Selected services include the creation of 2D and 3D graphics and animation, programming, testing, game design and interface design, and gamification services – adding a game element to a non-gaming environment.

In addition to an integrated approach and experienced staff, 60% of whom are top-level specialists, the studio boasts a huge pool of clients in the United States: Ultrabit, AdoreStudio, Pixelberry Studios and others. The studio’s famous case is a collaboration with Lucasfilm on 3D characters for the VR game Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge. Before the outbreak of the pandemic, Kevuru Games held a large number of roadshows throughout America and managed to earn a reputation as a reliable partner in the implementation of game projects.

Petroglyph Games

Petroglyph Games is a video game company made up primarily of former Westwood Studios employees following its disbandment by Electronic Arts and the merger with DreamWorks Interactive LLC and EA Pacific studios into EA Los Angeles.

Collectively, the founders have over 100 years of experience creating award-winning and chart-topping games. Their experience ranges from PCs to next-generation gaming consoles, from fast-paced strategy and real-time simulations to action and adventure games. Notable games from the studio are a team-based PvP multiplayer game Earthbreakers, real-time strategy games like Gray Goo, Command & Conquer and Star Wars: Empire at War, a MMORPG Mytheon and others.


Playstudios is one of those Las Vegas gaming companies that can rightfully be called a real child of its city. It develops free-to-play casual games for mobile devices and social platforms. Most of them are slots, but there are also other genres. For example, in the studio’s portfolio, you will also find an RPG like Kingdom Boss.

The company’s collection of original and published games builds on its pioneering playAWARDS loyalty marketing platform, which enables players to earn real-world rewards from a portfolio of global entertainment, retail, technology, travel, leisure and gaming brands in 17 countries across 4 continents.

Private Division

Private Division is an American publisher of independent computer games. The company is headquartered in New York with offices in Seattle, Las Vegas and Munich. The studio is a division of Take-Two Interactive Software working with independent video game studios that are halfway between AAA games from major studios and indie games from new or smaller studios.

It sets itself apart from other gaming companies in Las Vegas in that it enables independent game studios to develop games while providing the support they need to make their games commercially successful on a global scale.


SciPlay is a leading developer and publisher of digital games for mobile and web platforms. The studio creates fun social bingo, social casino and hyper casual games. For example, their social casino games are online versions of well-known slot machines from brands such as WMS, Bally, Barcrest and SHFL.

The studio currently offers seven main games, including social casino games Jackpot Party Casino, Gold Fish Casino, Hot Shot Casino and Quick Hit Slots, as well as casual games MONOPOLY Slots, Bingo Showdown and 88 Fortunes Slots. Also, there are casual games Backgammon Live and Solitaire Pets Adventure.


GAME-O-GAMI is a Las Vegas-based gaming studio that creates social games. The small team strives to create fun and original board and card games that can be played on mobile and PC. A special feature of the studio is that it launches campaigns to raise funds for its games on Kickstarter, consulting with future players regarding the key features of the game being created.

Among the games created by the studio are a strategy board game about opposing mythologies Immortal Battlegrounds, a family card game Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule!, a board game of gothic horror in ancient Rome Blood of Rome and others.

JV Games

A true veteran of Las Vegas gaming companies, JV Games creates high-quality games and business systems for mobile devices, PCs and consoles. The company is known for its games for GameBoy Advance and Wii video game consoles. They developed a number of games including James Bond 007: Nightfire for the Game Boy Advance as well as Pong Toss! Frat Party Games and Incoming! for WiiWare.

The genres of the games created are varied: word games, party games, mini games, puzzle games, action games, card games, first-person shooters and others.

How to Choose the Most Reliable Partner?

When choosing a partner among gaming companies in Las Vegas, first of all, pay attention to the studio’s specialization. Often, they each have a strength that they focus on and which is best represented in their portfolio. If you are satisfied with examples of work that correlate with your project, then it makes sense to find out more about the terms of cooperation, models, scalability, and more.

Feedback from previous clients can also be a great help in shaping the image of a potential partner. Testimonials can provide you with valuable information about about pipelines, building a custom team, and how the quality of the work performed corresponds to the promises.


We’ve looked at several well-known Las Vegas gaming companies so that you don’t get lost among the many options when looking for a partner in the region. Most local game studios offer card and slot game creation, but there are more versatile options as well.

For our part, we recommend the services of the Kevuru Games game development company: here you will find one of the most flexible approaches to cooperation and the widest range of services, from full-cycle game development to individual services for the creation of art and animation. The studio also offers the help of specialists who will test your game and experts who will gamify your non-game application or product.

The cooperation model is selected individually in accordance with the wishes and conditions set by the client. Both outsourcing and outstaffing schemes are available. A large staff of 300+ specialists allows taking on even the largest projects, and the prevalence of top-level specialists guarantees an impeccable result. In addition, since we’re in a somewhat playful mood today from the mention of Las Vegas, it wouldn’t be out of place to specify that Kevuru Games has a whole department dedicated to the slot machines and casino area of game art and development, and a large portfolio of slot games.

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