Outsourcing game design and development


KEVURU GAMES is a Game Development company and leading ART Development Studio founded in 2011 by professionals passionate about the art, design and high quality games.
Our professionals with a great experience in game production management, art services, and device platform development work closely with industry leaders and partners worldwide. We are ready to develop and deliver a quality products for Game Studios, world class Game and Indi Developers, Publishers as well as Entertainment projects.
KEVURU Games is well known by its high quality works and ability to build a long term reliable relationship with our clients.
The company’s best-known game titles include Juicy Fruits, Range of Realms, TnA, among our art products are Halabo, Clair Hard, Pogo and great projects for such famous companies as 21xx Century Fox, Electronic Arts, and Disney.
Our Mission is to perform and grow your business and to make your players happier and hungry for art quality


We are licensed developers for all major game platforms such as Xbox One, Playstation 4 and WiiU. We are experienced iOS and Android developers, including Android TV and Apple TV.
Oh! We love new tech like VR as well!

We know our stuff

Over the years, we have created dozens of titles for many platforms. Experience is key for most game development projects. Knowing that we can deliver on-time and on-budget is a huge relief for all of our clients.

Game service

Kevuru games has been creating innovative games since 2006. We offer our clients professional development services, ranging from concept prototyping to full-service game development, including design, art creation, development and music.

Our Benefits

Great Team of Professionals
Professional fast-growing team of talented artists, designers, engineers and managers can realize your ideas. We have an exceptional eye for detail and a solid reputation for delivering products on time. Developers in С++, C#, Unity, Java, HTML5, Flash, PHP can create games for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile platforms.

Cost Effective Solution
Optimal cost development solutions will meet your budget and business needs that is allow you to focus your resources on new ideas, new markets and growth opportunities for your business.

Client-Oriented Approach
Client satisfaction is the primary goal of our work, and we want to underline the uniqueness of every project in the art and games world. We carefully analyze the scope of the work and propose the best approach to develop and conduct an appropriate timeline for deliverables, all while keeping cost-effectiveness and production efficiency in mind.

Best practices in Artworks
Combination of strong expertise in game design, art, animation and technologies such as Unity and Unreal Engine for a variety of game development solutions: casual games, flash games, including casino games, scratch cards, lottery games and slots.