About us


KEVURU GAMES is a game development company established by professionals passionate about the space and its long term prospects. Games are everywhere and they are here to stay. Our professionals have decades of combined experience in game production management, creative and art direction, and device platform porting and testing.

Our technology bench is deep with skilled professional in front- and back-end engineering. And our art team has created everything from rich environments to stylized characters.

We are here to may you look good and make your players happy and hungry for more.

Our aim is to help you Grow Beyond the Limits.

How KEVURU enables you to grow…

Cross-Platform Development

KEVURU combines game development expertise in both social and mobile platforms, which enables us to develop cross-platform solutions that are must-haves for always-on / always-connected entertainment.

Client-Oriented Approach

KEVURU understands that there is uniqueness to every project. We carefully analyze scope and the best methodology to develop the most suitable pipeline for deliverables, all while keeping in mind cost-effectiveness and production efficiency.

Scalability and Adaptability

We have much experience scaling teams within limited period of time to adjust changes in our client’s demands. We know how to plan, realize and adapt to a changing environment without risk to the success of the project.

Cost Effective Solution

Our highly-qualified team in Ukraine provides you with a low cost solution to meet your development needs while allowing you to focus on new technologies, new markets and the growth opportunities your games will provide.

Our Team

Markets move and shift with great speed. In an increasingly hit-driven games industry spanning a growing array of platforms and devices, intellectual property holders, content owners and game development studios need experienced, reliable, dependable and cost-effective partners to deliver high quality games. KEVURU is that partner.

With a combination of professionalism, passion and expertise, we engage our clients thoroughly and ensure that all needs, whether art creation, programming and coding, or porting and quality assurance testing, are done with the best of communication, process management, and transparency throughout. Our contribution to your success and long-term mutual benefit that we strive to foster.


KEVURU GAMES effectively combines experienced battle-hardened professionals with young talent. Such approach provides best synergy of tested solutions and fresh approaches. We are always looking for new talent to help us build the company of our dreams, so if you think you can be a good match for our team please drop us a line, and

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