Unity as an innovative and revolutionizing engine made game development a captivating process and encouraged indie developers to showcase their skills. To gain insight on how to create a top-notch Unity game, we’ll examine some of the greatest examples. Let’s talk about what Unity game engine is, and how its adaptability and accessibility are influencing gaming in the future.

Unity game engine for the highest-rated game

Source: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/en-us/apps/games/unity

What is Unity Engine?

The Unity engine has completely changed game production thanks to its various functions. It offers a framework for making games for different devices, and due to its intuitive UI, indie, and famous publishers choose Unity over many other engines. Unity helps the tools make the development process easy and convenient. It enables the creation of visually stunning graphics and engaging gameplay. Using this innovative technology and having the most outstanding ideas, game developers create games that hit the market. With the help of.NET and the C# programming languages, artists may create 2D and 3D apps on this real-time 3D development platform.

Why Choose Unity Engine for Game Development?

Unity is a very convenient option for game developers due to versatile tools and features. For example, to expand the players base for any publisher is really easy by seamless integration across platforms, or gamification effect that makes gameplay engaging and encourages gamers to get back to the game environment. Community support also contributes to Unity’s popularity in the industry. We also advise you to check our research as to what is better for game development: Unity vs Unreal Engine.

Advantages of Using Unity For Game Development

It provides tools to work with gameplay mechanics, visuals, and animation. The games have a larger audience thanks to the connection with well-known gaming platforms such as Xbox and PlayStation. Unity lets you create incredible environments with virtual reality features and mobile devices. Developers can stay at the forefront of game creation technology because of Unity’s constant updates and enhancements.

Versatility and Accessibility of Unity

Because of its cross-platform adaptability, Unity games may be played on various hardware and operating systems, including Microsoft Windows and the Nintendo Switch. Unity’s animation tools and optimized game production pipeline reduce time and effort and make it easy for different teams to develop any game. Testing and refining game concepts is easier with Unity.

Asset Store

There are various tools, assets (3D models, textures, and audio), and plugins in the Unity Asset Store. It’s a massive marketplace that can significantly expedite creation. Additionally, it promotes a helpful Unity community where people cooperate on projects and exchange resources.

2D and 3D Modeling

Robust tools for creating 2D and 3D games are available in Unity. Unity has the features and tools to implement your game idea, whether a 2D platformer, a 3D first-person shooter, or a combination.

Powerful Graphics and Rendering

Unity’s graphics engine and rendering technologies constantly evolve. With tools like the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) and Universal Render Pipeline (URP), developers may create stunning visual effects and lifelike images. Real-time ray tracing, advanced lighting, and photorealistic graphics are no longer aspirations but achievable realities.

Tools for Audio Simulation, Physics, and Animation

Because Unity comes with integrated physics engines (like NVIDIA PhysX) and audio systems, it’s easier to create realistic interactions and immersive audio experiences for video games.

To create intricate character animations, cutscenes, and interactive sequences, Unity provides various animation tools, such as the Animation and Animator components, Timeline, and Cinemachine.

Abundant Scripting Assistance

C# is the primary scripting language used by Unity. It enables to develop effective AI, game logic, and interface code.

Choices for Monetization and Analytics

Unity helps to choose the right monetization method, i.e. in-app purchases and advertising, to make it easier for developers to monetize their games. Unity Analytics provides tools for tracking player activity, gathering data, and improving game performance. 

Games made with unity offer stunning visual style

Unity’s Impact on the Gaming Industry

It has significantly impacted the gaming industry, transforming how games are developed and experienced. With Unity’s versatile features, game developers can create gaming environments across many platforms, from the Nintendo Switch to Microsoft Windows. Unity has paved the way for innovative gameplay mechanics, such as the popular battle royale genre and rhythm games. Unity’s influence on the gaming industry is undeniable.

Unity’s Contribution to the Gaming Universe

The engine’s contribution to the gaming universe can be seen in the various games that have been developed with Unity, from indie gems to blockbuster titles. Its role in lowering barriers to entry, fostering creativity, Its continuing to push technological frontiers has solidified its status as a game-changing engine that influences the gaming industry and motivates a new wave of game developers.

A Haven for Indie Developers

Indie game developers find a haven in Unity as it offers a powerful video game development tool. With Unity’s animation tools, indie developers can bring their games to life and create visually appealing experiences that are not yielding to AAA Studio’s games. Thanks to Unity’s platform integration, indie games can reach a large audience on various platforms, like the Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Android. The core gameplay loop feature of Unity helps indie games create engaging gameplay mechanics, contributing to the success of many well-known titles. 

Unity’s Role in Pioneering Innovation

Unity has enabled the development of a groundbreaking virtual reality rhythm game, immersing players in unique and engaging experiences. The graphics features here have allowed game developers to create unusual gaming worlds. Additionally, Unity’s integration of real-world elements, such as augmented reality (AR), has opened up new possibilities in game development.

Best Games That Use Unity

As a versatile game development engine, Unity has been the foundation for many successful and critically acclaimed games. These ten Unity-powered games are financial success stories and examples of Unity’s versatility in creating diverse gaming experiences. Unity continues to be a preferred choice for developers aiming to create profitable and engaging games. Here are some of the best games developed with Unity:

Hollow Knight (2017)

Revenue: Over $15 million

It’s a beautifully crafted 2D action-adventure game known for its challenging gameplay, intricate world design, and captivating atmosphere. The player controls an unnamed insectoid warrior known as the Knight, who travels to a ruined kingdom that is under magical disease. The game’s several underground settings include a cast of amiable and antagonistic insectoid characters, as well as a large number of bosses. Players can find hidden information, flavor text across the Kingdom, and additional skills as they explore each place.

Environmental design and character switching in the game

Source: https://www.techballad.com/hollow-knight/

Cuphead (2017)

Revenue: Over $100 million

Known for its unique 1930s cartoon art style, “Cuphead” by Studio MDHR is mixing stunning visuals with challenging gameplay. Its massive commercial success speaks volumes about Unity’s capabilities. The 1936 Japanese propaganda cartoon film portraying a character with a teacup for a head inspired the creation of Cuphead. Its development started in 2010 with the Microsoft XNA game engine, and in 2014, it moved to the Unity game engine.

Japanese prints in Cuphead is one of the most popular game

Source: https://store.steampowered.com/app/268910/Cuphead/?l=polish

Escape From Tarkov (2017)

Revenue: Over $200 million

Battlestate Games’ intense online survival multiplayer shooter has a dedicated player base. Unity’s capabilities in creating complex, realistic environments played a significant role in the game’s success.

Once in the game, players must battle other players and non-player characters to escape to an extraction point on the map’s opposite side. Real money trading, the act of players selling in-game currency for actual money, has caused problems for the game and cheaters. The habit of exchanging pricey goods for currency with other players in-game was heavily discouraged by the developers. 

One of the first successful AAA titles

Source: https://activeplayer.io/escape-from-tarkov/

Oxenfree (2016)

Revenue: Over $10 million

Oxenfree by Night School Studio is a supernatural thriller adventure that relies heavily on its storytelling and atmosphere. It combines a compelling narrative with unique dialogue mechanics, creating a suspenseful and immersive experience. Unity’s flexibility allowed for the creation of a rich and eerie world that captivated players.

Unity technologies help create popular mobile games

Outer Wilds (2019)

Revenue: Over $28 million

It is a reflective space exploration game created by Mobius Digital. Players try the role of an astronaut in a hand-crafted solar system caught in a mysterious time loop. So, you can embark on an epic journey to a rapidly decaying universe.

The game is not about amassing wealth or defeating enemies, it’s about an ancient civilization and understanding the mysterious process that resets time every 22 minutes. Players must navigate the intricacies of space, solve puzzles, and engage with many unique celestial bodies, each with its mysteries waiting to be unraveled.

Outer Wilds, developed with Unity, stands out for its breathtaking art style, hauntingly beautiful soundtrack, and a sense of wonder that permeates every aspect of the game. The narrative unfolds through the player’s exploration, and it encourages a non-linear approach to storytelling. 

Cross platform play vs mobile platforms

Source: https://foreverclassicgames.com/reviews/2020/1/outer-wilds-review-ps4

Rust (2015)

Sold: Over $ 12 million units

It is an open-world multiplayer survival game that Facepunch Studios created that is unforgiving and relentless. Upon starting the game, players find themselves stranded on an island. The game features a complex crafting system, base building, and a dynamic player-driven economy.

What sets “Rust” apart is its unrelenting realism. There is no pause button; the game world continues even when players log off. Rust offers a brutal and unpredictable experience that forces players to adapt, improvise, and strategize to thrive in a hostile world.

Rust player's real world location

Source: https://rust.double11.com/news/devastation-unleashed

Hearthstone (2014)

Revenue: Over $700 million

Hearthstone one of the most popular games

It’s a digital collectible card game. It has become a staple in the esports world. Unity’s versatility allowed Blizzard to bring this addictive card-battler to multiple platforms, ensuring widespread success. Hearthstone is a digital-only, turn-based, collectible card game in the Warcraft universe and matches two players against one another. Out of eleven different classes, the players choose a hero.

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/jun/25/hearthstone-blizzard-strategy-trading-cards-greg-austin

Among Us (2018)

Revenue: Over $11 billion 

An American game studio named Innersloth created and released this online multiplayer social deduction game. The science fiction horror film The Thing and the party game Mafia served as inspiration for the game. Its intriguing gameplay and Unity-powered development contributed to its astronomical revenue. 

Among us is a pandemic era hit

Source: https://www.innersloth.com/games/among-us-vr/

Pokémon Go (2016)

Revenue: Over $4 billion

Nintendo and The Pokémon Company, Niantic released the mobile AR game Pokémon Go (also known as Pokémon GO) for iOS and Android devices. This Unity-powered mobile game revolutionized mobile gaming and continues to generate impressive revenue through in-game purchases.

Pokemon Go got positive reviews

Source: https://www.npr.org/2023/02/15/1157151619/pokemon-go-tour-hoenn

Super Mario Run (2016)

Revenue: Over $70 million

The game “Super Mario Run”,” created with Unity and featuring the well-known plumber from Nintendo, is now also available for mobile devices. The results of the game show that Unity is capable of managing well-known IPs and providing excellent user experiences. It is Nintendo’s first mobile game and part of one of the company’s biggest and longest-running franchises. 

Family friendly Super Mario

Source: https://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/nintendo-super-mario-run-record/

Unity’s Role in Shaping the Future of Gaming

Unity, a leading game development engine, continues to evolve and shape the future of gaming with a range of upcoming features and developments. Unity’s influence on the future of gaming cannot be overstated. If we compare Godot or Unity, for example, the last one is not an open-source platform. So, hire Unity developers to develop your game according to highest standards and using profound Unity features.

Unity as a Metaverse Platform

Unity is actively positioning itself as a key player in the emerging metaverse. With the acquisition of platforms like Vivox and Weta Digital, Unity is poised to create a versatile metaverse framework. This move is set to revolutionize social interactions, virtual worlds, and immersive experiences, paving the way for the future of interconnected digital spaces.

Democratization of Game Development

Unity empowers aspiring developers and indie studios. Its user-friendly interface, asset store, and extensive documentation make game development accessible to a wider audience. This democratization fosters innovation and diversity in game creation.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Unity’s robust cross-platform capabilities ensure games reach a global audience. Whether on PC, console, mobile, or emerging platforms like virtual and augmented reality, Unity’s versatility makes it a go-to choice for developers aiming to maximize their game’s reach.

Real-Time Development

Unity’s real-time development features enable quicker iteration and more immersive experiences. It aligns with the industry’s shift toward live service models, where games evolve and expand over time with player feedback and evolving technology.

Kevuru Games Case Study

The Kevuru Games team is the creative force behind the development of MechaChain. It’s a 3D play-to-earn mobile game featuring robot combat and space conquest. Set in the 23rd century, it immerses players in an epic world of colossal robots, futuristic technologies, and intense battles for valuable resources.

In this game, 12 players are divided into two factions, each striving to either secure points with Mechanium or eliminate the opposing team. Exploring the map and engaging in faction skirmishes are pivotal elements of gameplay.  

The robots are known as mechas, and they are split into two factions. A mecha is made up of several collectible elements. Then the robot is  prepared to fight in PvP matches alone or in groups.

Our team’s challenge was to develop and implement a state-of-the-art and balanced game design that looks accessible to a player of any level, and meets all current standards for third-person shooters.

Machachain game

Kevuru Games Expertise in Game Development in Unity Engine

Kevuru Games is a Unity game development company known for its expertise in turning creative ideas into industry-leading projects enjoyed by millions of active gamers worldwide. Our team offers a range of Unity game development services, including advanced cross-platform features, high-resolution graphics, and the integration of cutting-edge technologies. Whether crafting immersive gaming experiences or pushing the boundaries of visual fidelity, we intend to deliver outstanding results that captivate and engage players across diverse gaming platforms.

We offer a full range of mobile game development  services, including:

Fully executed development;

Concept art and design;

Quality assurance and testing;

Consult as to game monetization;

Post-release support.



What games are made with Unity?

Unity is a versatile game-development engine that has been used. The following games, crafted with Unity, stand out as unique and remarkable creations in the gaming world. Each one carries its distinct charm, gameplay, and visual style, making them memorable experiences for players. Some well-known games made with Unity include:

  1. Hollow Knight
  2. Cuphead
  3. Among Us
  4. Monument Valley
  5. Subnautica
  6. Oxenfree
  7. Super Mario Run
  8. Pokémon Go
  9. Escape from Tarkov

These are just a few examples, and many more games have been developed using Unity.


What is the biggest game studio using Unity?

Since both large and small studios use Unity, it is difficult to single out one as the “biggest” game studio. Some well-known studios that have used Unity for their games include Square 

Enix, Ubisoft, and Niantic. Unity’s accessibility makes it popular among game studios of various sizes.

Is Unity good for game development?

Yes, Unity is widely regarded as an excellent choice for game development. It offers a user-friendly interface, a vast asset store, powerful scripting capabilities, and robust cross-platform support. Unity’s versatility allows developers to create games for various platforms, from PC and consoles to mobile devices and VR/AR. Its active community, regular updates, and extensive documentation make it a preferred engine for indie developers and established studios.

What PC games are made in Unity?

Numerous PC games have been developed using Unity. Some notable examples include “The Forest,” “Super Mario Run” (for PC via an emulator), “Monument Valley,” “Subnautica.” Unity engine allows developers to make games for the PC platform, appealing to a diverse audience of gamers.

How many games are built with Unity?

At the time of my last knowledge update, the official Unity website stated that over 60% of all mobile games are built on Unity and that Unity-powered games have reached billions of installs on various platforms. The number of games built in Unity is enormous and constantly growing.

Why are games created by Unity so popular?

There are several reasons why games developed with Unity are so popular:

Cross-platform support: Unity allows games to be created for multiple platforms.

User-friendly interface: Unity’s intuitive user interface makes it accessible to developers of varying skill levels.

Asset store: The Unity Asset Store offers an extensive library of assets, tools and plugins that speed up development and improve game quality.

Strong community: Unity has a vibrant and helpful community of developers.

Regular updates: The Unity engine is constantly updated with new features, so developers always have access to the latest technologies and trends.


Does EA Games use Unity?

Electronic Arts (EA) primarily used its own game engines, such as Frostbite, for many of its major titles. However, smaller studios within the EA group may use Unity for certain projects. The choice of game engine may vary depending on the needs and goals of individual development teams within the larger EA organization. In the meantime, developments or partnerships may have occurred. It’s therefore advisable to keep up to date with the latest information from EA on their game development tools and technologies.


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