The gaming industry continues to grow rapidly. In addition to the releases of large titles, which are sometimes expected for years, hundreds and thousands of smaller projects are released every day, developed both by teams and sometimes by one person. All these projects, including AAA, have one thing in common – absolutely each of them must be tested before release. An untested game is a pig in a poke that can go badly for any game studio’s reputation.

Why Choosing a Game Testing Company is so Important?

At first glance, it may seem that everyone can test the game. After all, it would seem that you just need to play a lot, find mistakes and fix them. But it’s not that simple.

If gamers reach the goal in the game, they go to the next difficulty level and do not return to the previous one. The tester, on the other hand, must go through the same scenario many times, trying different situations on it. If the hero has 30 skills and their combinations, then the tester must check the action of each of them and their combination in each specific moment of the game. In addition, players will not be able to test the game if it is in a completely inoperative state, but testers will be able to, because working with the source documentation, they will be able to build the necessary edits step by step, step by step.

The tester must actually turn the game mechanics inside out and do everything that the player can theoretically do – climb into the most unthinkable place, not follow the game script and see what happens, use an alternative skill to the proposed one, or change the sequence of performing the redrawn actions. After that, the results of the checks are entered into a special checklist. Such monotonous routine activity is only possible for assiduous and scrupulous people. Which, of course, also have an idea of ​​testing theory: types of testing, test cases, test plans, bug reports, techniques for determining the required volume of tests, databases, queries in SQL, and so on.

We are not here just to play your game and find a couple of bugs in passing. We have gathered to select a qualified team of testers who will study your game inside and out.

Why is it so important?

The fact is that the cost of correcting any error and the time that needs to be spent on it increases with each stage. What takes an hour at the prototyping stage can take days, or even weeks, if it’s done, say, after release. And if we imagine that at the initial stage several such seemingly insignificant mistakes were made, then at the end we will probably not meet the deadlines, or we will spend much more money on fixing them. QA specialists investigate the game at all stages, prioritizing bugs and preventing them from accumulating in a snowball of pain, horror and fear.

How to Choose Most Reliable Studio?

Among a large number of game testing companies, choosing the right one can be a challenge. How to understand whether a company is really good and in general how it is better than others if all of them, in fact, offer a standard package of testing services?

When compiling your list of game testing companies, first of all, be guided by the following positions:

  1. Good reputation.
  2. Positive reviews from other clients.
  3. A wide range of services provided (key types of testing for games – functional, compatibility, performance and compliance))
  4. Great experience.
  5. Expert knowledge.
  6. Debugged methodology and scheme of work with the customer.
  7. Continuous professional development at specialized pieces of training.

Most of this information can be seen on the testing studio website: years on the market, tools used, types of testing, customer reviews. You can learn more about the procedure for working with clients by requesting the appropriate information – experienced video game testing companies will have no problems answering this question.

We have saved you the trouble of researching random video game testing companies and are ready to offer a pre-formed list of studios, selected according to specific criteria.

Selection Criteria

In selecting the following game testing companies, we relied on information collected from their websites and third-party independent platforms: GoodFirms, Clutch, DesignRush, etc. The key selection criteria were 5+ years on the market, the presence of the main types of game testing, which allows checking the game in all directions, the availability of reviews from previous customers, as well as the presence and description of implemented testing cases.

Top Video Game Testing Companies

Kevuru Games

Location: Ukraine

Established: 2011

Employees: 350+

Kevuru Games is a full-cycle Ukrainian gaming company. This means that all the specialists who can create and launch a full-fledged game from scratch are gathered here: game designers, artists, developers, sound engineers and, of course, testers. Game testing has been placed in a separate category and is available both as part of the full cycle of creating a game and as a separate service, which you can resort to by contacting the company with your product.

The studio’s QA specialists offer key types of in-game testing:

  1. Functional – checking the compliance of the game with the planned requirements.
  2. Compatibility – checking the compatibility of the game with all necessary devices, operating systems, resolution and hardware.
  3. Performance – checking the loading speed of the game, the reaction of the game to the player’s actions and key game events.
  4. Compliance – checking the compliance of the game with the requirements of the platform or several platforms for which it is intended.

Kevuru Games experts have experience in testing PC, mobile and web games – the website has a list of completed projects, a detailed description of the QA team and the role of each member in the game testing procedure, as well as a list of tools used by testers.

A special advantage of the studio is precisely that it knows everything about games from the inside through their development. So the testing services here are organically integrated into the game creation cycle, and the developers and testers have direct contact with each other in order to implement the necessary edits as quickly as possible.


Location: Ukraine

Established: 2015

Employees: 200+

The Ukrainian company QAwerk works with different types of software testing. One of the services is game testing. Here you will find the necessary teams to implement testing of mobile, desktop and browser games. Testers are also qualified in quality assurance of video games for PlayStation, Xbox and VR systems.

The types of testing provided are functional, compatibility, performance and compliance. Customer reviews are positive, and the procedure for obtaining a quote is very quick and easy.

iXie Gaming

Location: US

Established: 2011

Employees: 250+

iXie Gaming is a division of Indium Software that exclusively provides gaming testing of video games for consoles, PCs and mobile devices. Thanks to the focus on gaming testing, this company has managed to assemble a dedicated and enthusiastic team that knows everything about games.

Testers have the knowledge and skills to test games of all kinds and genres – the company’s track record includes over 350 titles in a variety of stylistic directions. A special advantage of the studio is the availability of more than 1000 devices for testing: 550+ mobile devices (iOS, Android & Kindle), consoles (Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation), VR devices (Oculus, HTC, PlayStation VR) and PCs (Windows, Mac & Linux).

Pingle Studio

Location: Ukraine

Established: 2007

Employees: 100+

Ukrainian gaming company Pingle Studio focuses on porting and testing services. The studio’s specialists provide a full range of assistance, from testing mobile games to quality control of multiplayer games. Here you will find a classic set of testing types: functional, non-functional, regression and others.

The studio’s expertise covers all the most common game engines and key tools needed to test games for PC, mobile devices and the most popular consoles – Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation. There are visual cases with a detailed description of the work done, as well as positive customer reviews.

Snoop Game

Location: Ukraine

Established: 2014

Employees: 100+

This is another Ukrainian studio that specializes exclusively in game testing. This is where you can be sure that the testers know exactly what they are communicating with. The platforms tested include PCs with key operating systems, all known consoles, mobile devices, web, Smart TV, AR/VR/MR, but the company is also ready to purchase any other hardware at the request of the client if it is not available.

The testing procedure at SnoopGame is flexible and scalable. At the same time, the client receives exclusively necessary services without the need to control the team and provide it with the necessary resources. In addition to the main types of testing, you will find a QA audit and consultation service that allows assessing the quality of your internal processes and identifying gaps in the quality control procedure.

QA Madness

Location: Lithuania

Established: 2008

Employees: 100+

The Lithuanian testing team of QA Madness has many years of experience in software testing. Although game testing is not the only focus of the company, there are experienced professionals who can implement the quality assurance you need based on your game, platform and target audience.

This company is more than 12 years old, so it has a very large number of clients and cases. It boasts the largest number of reviews of any game testing company presented, with most of the reviews being positive. Among the available cases, we can single out the work on a mobile game, for which the studio has successfully implemented functional, compatibility and UI testing to make sure that the game application works on different iOS devices. So you can feel free to apply for mobile game testing services. As for testing games for PC and consoles, there are no confirmed cases for the implementation of such works.

Starloop Studios

Location: Spain

Established: 2011

Employees: 150+

If you are attracted to full-cycle gaming companies, then take a look at Starloop Studios. It is a Spanish game development company that provides a full range of game development services, from design and prototyping to testing, maintenance and porting.

Here you will find all the classic types of testing: functional, compatibility, user interface, performance. The company is also testing multiplayer and AR/VR games. Positive reviews and a solid customer list also add to the positive image of this testing studio.


Location: India

Established: 2011

Employees: 200+

Testbytes is an Indian testing studio that has managed to gain a good reputation in a short period. They have a pretty decent track record and clients all over the world.

Game testing is one of the many services the company offers, as it also deals with other types of testing.

They have a large team of testers who have years of experience and familiarity with various game testing scenarios. In addition to testing games for PC and mobile devices, QA specialists here are able to work with console, online and AR/VR games. The website contains comprehensive information about the types of testing offered, the operating procedure and the games already tested.


Location: Ukraine

Established: 2005

Employees: 200+

QATestLab is a testing studio that makes sense to contact if you like contractors specializing in one particular type of game testing. QATestLab has chosen testing games for mobile platforms as their specialization.

The studio has a fairly large portfolio of tested games for Android and iOS, a sufficient resource base for testing game mechanics, logic, sound, animation, art, navigation and other things to make sure that the game is user-friendly. Conveniently, the company describes in detail the process of conducting game testing.


Location: India

Established: 2016

Employees: 200+

Another Indian testing studio, BugRaptors offers high-quality and low-cost testing services for both software and games. In addition to the classic types of gaming testing, the company offers so-called audio and video testing – checking the purity of sounds and audibility in mobile and console games.

Skillful testers also work with AR/VR game applications, find localization errors and have access to a large number of iOS and Android devices for testing. The company has positive reviews and a sufficient number of case studies to get their expertise confirmed.

How Kevuru Games Will Help You Achieve the Best Results

As you can see, there is no shortage of game testing services on the market. There are many game testing companies around the world of varying levels, expertise and price points. But only the studio that deals with games, loves games, knows everything about the inner workings of games can thoroughly check your game for errors. Kevuru Games falls under all these points, because for 10 years we have been creating games for mobile devices and PCs, developing art and animation for games, thinking over level design and game mechanics. Our experts know what each line of code in the game is responsible for, so not a single mistake will escape us.

A fully staffed department of game testers is ready to test your finished game for bugs or become a link in the full cycle development of a new game from scratch, which you can also organize in Kevuru Games. We have all the necessary tools, skills, knowledge and experience to guarantee you a flawless gaming product that will pleasantly surprise players who will not be able to find bugs in it.

Do not hesitate and just tell us about your project in need of testing, and we will provide detailed advice and recommendations from our specialists.

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