Today we are here again to talk about 2D and 3D art prices. This important topic has already been raised by us more than once in a series of articles devoted to different types of game art. You can brush up on them or get to know them for the first time using the links below.

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For now, our task is to summarize all the information presented earlier and offer a universal formula for calculating the custom 2D and 3D art cost. Yes, it does exist.

2D and 3D: The Difference Is Clear

Of course, you know the differences between 2D and 3D. Key points are marked in the table. And we are moving on.

2D aka 2-dimensional3D aka 3-dimensional
Dimensionslength and breadthlength, breadth, and height
Mathematical axesX- and Y-axesX-, Y-, and Z-axis
Edgesclearly visiblenot always visible
Creationcan be drawn in non-digital and digital environmentscan only be created in special software
Examplescircle, triangle, and squarecylinder, prism, and cube

In the gaming field, 2D and 3D art are usually divided into subtypes such as character art and environment art. In 3D, sometimes there is a separate category of 3D hard surface design for demonstrating models of mechanisms, robots, vehicles, and weapons. 2D is also actively used to create interface elements: buttons, icons, illustrations, and so on.

2D art - Boy with puppy

2D Character Design

2D environment - Reception 1

2D Environment Design

UI/UX Design

3D art - City stalker 1

3D Character Design

3D Environment Design

3D Hard Surface Design

More Examples of 2D Art Created by the Kevuru Games Team

Look for even more 2D art in the relevant portfolio section.

More Examples of 3D Art Created by the Kevuru Games Team

You will find more 3D modeling samples on the corresponding portfolio pages.

Team Composition for Creating 2D and 3D Art

To understand the foundation of 2D and 3D game art costs, you need to know how many people will be working on your art. Each of them will need to be paid, so it does not hurt to figure out what responsibilities each of them has.

We invite you to consider the composition of the teams for creating 2D and 3D art that we offer at Kevuru Games.

Important note. Depending on the task, specializations of artists may vary. Character creation does not require environment artists, and environment creation most often does not require character artists. Thus, the main backbone of the team, unchanged for all projects, is the art director, the lead artist, and the project manager.

Art Director
The art director determines the visual style for each project depending on its needs and goals. He ensures the achievement of the desired artistic vision, its continuity, and quality throughout the entire production process.
Lead 2D/3D Artist
These are experienced artists who lead the team and supervise the work of all specialists so that the final product exactly meets the requirements of the customer. They are responsible for the success and quality of the work of the art team.
Project Manager
The project manager is responsible for regular communication with the client and timely delivery of all important information and revisions regarding the created art to the artists at all stages of the project development.
2D/3D Concept Artists
If there is a need to create concepts from scratch, then these experts come to work. They analyze the needs of the client and develop several concepts in accordance with the main idea and the style.
2D/3D Character Designers
To create 2D or 3D characters, character artists are connected to the project. They work from approved concepts and are proficient in various art styles. They can create several designs of one character.
2D/3D Environment Designers
Work on the environment can include both the creation of separate elements for locations, and full-fledged ready-to-use levels. In any case, environment artists create art depending on the approved concepts.

How Much Do 3D and 2D Art Cost: Pricing Factors

It is generally accepted that 3D art is more expensive than 2D art. Great detail, view from all sides, the need to create different types of textures, and other activities make creating 3D art a longer task. Longer means more expensive since the price is based primarily on the time spent creating the art.

In addition to time, important factors affecting the price of 2D and 3D are:

  • The number of specialists. The composition of the team is an expression of the complexity of the project. The more complex it is and the more work has to be done, the more artists are needed to complete it on time.
  • Required delivery times. The team will offer you their option of delivering the project in the proper quality, depending on their capabilities and workload. If you need results faster, you will have to pay extra for urgency.

Universal Formula for Calculating Prices for 2D and 3D Art

Interestingly, this formula is suitable not only for calculating the cost of art, but also for calculating the cost of creating a full-fledged game. Despite the fact that many often try to disperse a number of 3D and 2D price factors into an unthinkable number of points − complexity, style, level of detail, and so on − we already know that they all boil down to one thing − the time spent on work.

Armed with knowledge about the hourly pay of specialists, their number, and the time required to create art, we calculate the approximate amount of required costs.

Rate x Hours x Number of Specialists

For your convenience, we offer a built-in calculator that will instantly display the amount based on the data you entered.

As an example, we can quote the cost of creating all 2D art for an NFT-based game. Our team worked according to the classic pipeline, from concept art to the final versions of all the necessary characters, assets, and backgrounds. Stages of work:

  1. Moodboard.
  2. BnW draft (2-3 options per 1 asset)
  3. Color draft (2-3 options per 1 asset)
  4. Render.
  5. Final PSDs preparing.

Work on art for this game lasted 3 months. Below you can see the price breakdown.

Work partsSpecificationCost, USD
Character bodyBasic model
Fur colors
Character clothes and accessoriesEyewear
Background and effects5 background options$210
ManagementPSD final preparing
Feedback implementation
Art direction
Art producing
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Rates of 2D and 3D Artists in the World

The rates of artists vary greatly depending on the country. Verify this by looking at the hourly pay data for 2022 presented in the table.

Country2D art3D art

Information about rates is taken from such job insight sources as Glassdoor, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter.

Despite the huge difference in prices in America and Eastern Europe, you will not notice any difference in quality. At the same time, many American companies often turn to specialists from Eastern Europe, knowing about lower rates and high quality of work.

Concept art - Bushranger

For example, Kevuru Games had the honor of working on concepts for Epic Games’ world-famous battle royale Fortnite. We created over 120 unique concepts. You can learn more about this project in our case study.

3D art - Boggs Henchman 2

Our 3D team also worked on characters from the legendary Star Wars franchise from Lucasfilm. The photorealistic infantryman and droid with multiple color options were optimized for maximum performance in VR. Read more in the story about this project.


The cost of 3D and 2D game art outsourcing depends on the time spent, and the quality depends on the expertise of the artists. You can understand, evaluate, and even feel the expertise by looking at examples of the work of the studio with which you want to cooperate.

Our portfolio of 2D and 3D art of different styles and directions is open to you so that you can draw a conclusion about the professionalism of our experts on your own. We can also send you, upon request, a presentation on specific types of art that are not present in the portfolio or are available in small quantities. We offer a solid partnership backed by over 10 years of experience, the trust of the world’s leading gaming companies, and a passionate dedication to the art business.

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