3D modeling is the process of using software to render a three-dimensional object or shape. The created object is called a 3D model, and such 3D models are used in various industries: film production, television, video games, architecture, construction, scientific and medical industries, as well as in product design. The main process of modeling is connecting sets of points with lines and polygons to create wireframes.

The most popular 3D modeling software is 3dsMax, Blender, ZBrush, Maya, SketchUp and many others. In turn, they are divided into more advanced and complex ones and those that are better suited for beginners. The former, for example, include 3dsMax, and the latter – TinkerCAD or 3D Slash.

The 3D Modeling Industry: Present Status And Emerging Trends

Recent technological advancements and shifting market demands have driven significant growth and innovation in the 3D modeling industry. From entertainment and gaming to architecture and manufacturing, 3D modeling is crucial in various industries.
The demand for 3D modeling services has surged across industries, including entertainment, advertising, architecture, automotive, healthcare, and more. Businesses are leveraging 3D models for product visualization, marketing campaigns, architectural design, medical simulations, and virtual reality experiences.
Technological advancements, such as improved rendering engines, photogrammetry, and 3D scanning techniques, have enhanced the quality and realism of 3D models. High-fidelity graphics and realistic simulations are now achievable, leading to immersive experiences and more accurate representations of real-world objects and environments.
The rise of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies has propelled the demand for 3D modeling. 3D models are the foundation for immersive VR experiences and AR applications, allowing users to interact with virtual objects overlaid with the physical world. Industries ranging from gaming and entertainment to education and retail are embracing VR and AR to deliver engaging and interactive experiences.

Real-Time 3D Visualization TrendReal-time rendering technologies are enabling interactive and dynamic 3D visualization experiences. With advancements in GPU hardware and rendering engines, designers can create and manipulate 3D models in real-time, allowing for instant feedback and iteration during the design process.
Generative Design and AI-Driven Modeling TrendGenerative design techniques powered by artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are revolutionizing the creation of 3D models. AI-driven modeling tools can automatically generate and optimize complex designs based on user-defined parameters, leading to innovative and efficient design solutions across various industries.
Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Design TrendThere’s a growing emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendliness in design practices. 3D modeling enables designers to explore alternative materials, optimize resource usage, and simulate environmental impacts to create more sustainable products and structures.
Integration of Blockchain Technology TrendsBlockchain technology is being explored for its potential applications in the 3D modeling industry, particularly in digital asset management and intellectual property rights. Blockchain-based platforms can provide secure and transparent systems for tracking ownership, licensing, and distribution of 3D models, fostering trust and collaboration within the industry.

Why Choosing Correct 3D Modeling Firms is so Important?

3D models are an integral part of high-quality presentations, technical documentation, entertainment products, as well as the basis for creating a product prototype. Speaking about the areas of application of 3D modeling in more detail, the following can be distinguished:

  1. Production. It is impossible to imagine modern production without pre-production modeling of products. In order to start production, it is necessary to create a 3D model of the object. On its basis, using rapid prototyping technologies (3D printing, milling, molding of silicone molds, etc.), a realistic prototype or sample of a future product is created.
  2. Advertising. Three-dimensional graphics are indispensable for the presentation of the future product. After 3D visualization, the resulting model can be used to design packaging, website, presentation or to create outdoor advertising, POS materials and design of exhibition stands.
  3. Urban planning. With the help of three-dimensional graphics, the most realistic modeling of urban architecture and landscapes is achieved with minimal costs. Visualization of building architecture and landscape design allows investors and architects to feel the effect of being in the designed space. That allows you to objectively assess the merits of the project and eliminate the shortcomings.
  4. Video games. The first comprehensive 3D games appeared in the mid-90s of the last century. Now it is 3D games that are the top product of the entertainment market. In professional programs, experienced specialists manually draw three-dimensional landscapes, hero models, animate created 3D objects and characters.
  5. Cinema. The entire modern film industry is focused on 3D cinema. For such filming, special cameras are used that can shoot in 3D. In addition, individual objects and full-fledged landscapes are created using 3D graphics for the film industry.
  6. Architecture. The technology of 3D modeling in architecture has long proven itself from the best side. Today, the creation of a three-dimensional model of a building is an indispensable attribute of design. Based on the 3D model, you can create both a prototype repeating only the general outlines of the building and a detailed prefabricated model of the future structure.
  7. Interior design. As for interior design, with the help of 3D modeling technology, customers can see how their home or office space will look after repairs or redesigns, as well as think over a completely new design and evaluate it even before new furniture is purchased and repair work has been carried out.
  8. Animation. With the help of 3D graphics, you can create animated characters, make them move, and also, by designing complex animation scenes, create a full-fledged animated video.

Regardless of the purpose for which you need a 3D model, this 3D model should be of the highest possible quality. After all, it depends on this how the future production will take place, how the customers or players will react, or what the budgetary framework of the future project is. Therefore, when choosing 3D modeling companies, you must weigh the pros and cons. The expertise of the selected modelers determines the success of your modeling project.

How to Choose Most Reliable 3D Modeling Studio?

Choosing any contractor is a scrupulous study of the 3D modeling companies that interest you and their profiles on various resources. We are primarily interested in three key positions:

The success of your game depends not only on its concept but also on the team behind its creation. In this guide, we’ll walk through the essential steps to ensure you choose a professional game development studio that aligns with your goals and aspirations.

Embarking on the game development journey requires more than just a creative idea; it demands a reliable and skilled team to transform that idea into a captivating reality. Choosing the proper game development studio sets the foundation for success.

Understanding Your Game Development Needs Before delving into the surfing of game development studios, take the time to understand your specific needs. Clearly define your goals, target audience, and the unique features you envision for your game. This clarity will guide your search for the perfect studio.
Conducting Research Begin by researching the diverse landscape of game development studios. Explore their portfolios and past projects to gauge their skills and style. Look for studios with experience in your game genre or a proven track record of innovative creations.
Assess the expertise and specialization of each studio, ensuring their skills align with the requirements of your project. Find a studio that excels in your chosen domain: 2D, 3D, VR, AR, or traditional gaming.
Portfolio The next stage of testing the competence of a 3D modeling studio is the study of the portfolio. Each service presented in the company must be confirmed in the form of an example of the work performed. Even when most projects are under the NDA, there are always some that can be shown. As a last resort, studios purposefully create models for a specific type of service in order to demonstrate their skills.
Technology Stack and ToolsThe technology stack and tools a studio uses are crucial in the development process. Ensure that the chosen studio’s technological capabilities align with your vision.
Client Testimonials and Reviews Dive into client testimonials and reviews to get real-world insights into the studio’s strengths and potential shortcomings.
Budget Considerations Set a realistic budget for your game development project and ensure that the chosen studio provides transparent pricing. Avoid unexpected financial surprises by establishing clear terms from the beginning.
Timeline Expectations and Communication With the Team Understand the expected timeline for your project and ensure it aligns with your goals. A studio that can deliver within a reasonable timeframe without compromising on quality is a valuable find.
Effective communication is the backbone of successful game development. Evaluate the studio’s communication practices and project management capabilities.
Post-Development Support The collaboration usually continues after the game’s launch. Assess the studio’s commitment to post-development support. A reliable support system ensures that the team will settle any post-launch issues.

We offer you a list of specially selected 3D modeling companies of different specializations. They passed our verification according to the above 3 criteria and proved themselves to be worthy partners.

Selection Methodology

While selecting the following 3D modeling companies, we have focused on their websites and profiles on independent platforms such as GoodFirms, Clutch, DesignRush and others. We have researched the range of services and the portfolio confirming them, client reviews, the list of tools used, as well as the procedure for accepting an application if there is relevant information.

Professional 3D Modeling Companies with a Proven Track Record

Kevuru Games

Location: Ukraine

Established: 2011

Employees: 350+

Specialization: game modeling

The Ukrainian studio Kevuru Games offers 3D modeling services for gaming products and any other projects, one way or another related to the gaming component. The company includes several 3D divisions, each of which is responsible for its direction of 3D modeling – characters or environment. The 3D modeling team completed over a hundred projects and created 3D art for a variety of clients, including Lucasfilm, Epic Games, EA. These clients valued the team’s commitment to the game industry. The Kevuru Games team provides full-cycle game development and that gives an advantage over many competitors.

The studio has a rich portfolio of realistic 3D models of assets, and especially characters – experienced character artists here create AAA-level models. One of the most prominent highlights is the creation of 3D characters for Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge.

There are individual artists who have vast experience in solid surface modeling, and there are also specialists in sculpting. The team is formed depending on the request, so that almost every time its composition is unique and includes specialists who will best cope with your task. If you are interested in game modeling or creating models for the future gamification of your business application, then Kevuru Games is an excellent choice.

In addition to game modeling, we offer architectural and product modeling and visualization services from our sub-brand 3Nitro. A team of experts in this field are ready to create 3D interior and exterior, skillfully model furniture, fashion products and packaging, as well as create drawings of the required level of complexity and detail.

Another popular project, IRON ORDER 1919, is a cross-platform strategy game based on World War I scenarios and beyond that has more than 8 million players. The goal of the game is to capture most of the map. Kevuru’s team created 3D models of so-called mechs—semifictional combat vehicles that play a key role in the battle. The Artists managed to create realistic textures, rusty, rough materials, and primarily realistic proportions, as well as ground, water, and air-type mechs and combat vehicles for 3 key factions: germans, british, communists.

One more project we want to outline is the Birdly Insect VR simulator where the team faced the challenge of creating stunning lifelike 3D environments of nature and birds and insects 3D models. Kevuru Games’ team was engaged in different levels of VR simulator and ensured to create immersive experience for those who want to feel the life of the nature:

  • 3D environment artists created models of plants and insects;
  • 3D character artists who created bird models;
  • 3D animators who did animation for all model

The Kevuru 3D Department  artists possess the skills required in various artistic genres and who are knowledgeable with a range of visual styles, in addition to weapons, characters, settings, and props. Different techniques are needed when working with weapons, robots, cars, and other hard-surfaced things. So Kevuru’ artists make use of specialist tools and software, such as Maya, Blender, UE, and ZBrush, Fusion.

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Wow-How Studio

This Ukrainian studio specializes in the full cycle of animation creation. In turn, this cycle also includes the creation of 3D models, if you are interested in an animated 3D video. A large number of producers and motion designers work here – they will create for you the product you are interested in from scratch, regardless of its complexity and purpose. So if your request includes the creation of 3D models for video content and its further deployment, then you are definitely in the right place.


This 3D modeling studio is engaged in creating visual materials for the production and promotion of various products. The key service is 3D modeling. The company offers to create models for marketing, commercial and production purposes.

The company’s track record already includes more than 1000 completed projects. Among them, you can see models of furniture, jewelry, appliances, electronics and fashion products. This 3D modeling studio will be an excellent partner for creating product models that already exist or are just planned to be launched into production.

NBY IT Solution

With many years of experience in 3D, NBY IT Solution is ready to provide services in the field of 3D modeling, rendering, visualization, animation and design. These areas relate to the gaming industry and the creation of models for games, as well as architectural modeling of buildings and commercial modeling of various products.

Despite the large number of services offered, the company successfully copes with the distribution of competent specialists for specific tasks and successfully completes projects on time. It will not offer you AAA-grade graphics, but it will be able to implement simpler graphics tasks well or create a high-quality model of an existing product. At the same time, the prices here are much lower than in other similar studios.

Miracle Studios

This Indian company is engaged in 3D modeling both for games and for commercial purposes. In particular, here you can order 3D models of your products for listing on Amazon and other trading platforms. Modelers also develop 3D models for AR/VR-based applications, tutorials and simulators, and more.

More emphasis is placed on stylized 3D models for games. This 3D modeling studio can both work with ready-made concepts from the client and create individual concepts for your project after a thorough discussion of your needs and goals. If necessary, the studio prepares the model for future animation.

3D-Ace Studio

3D-Ace is the Ukrainian division of the Program-Ace company for the production of 2D/3D content. Particular emphasis is placed on low-poly and high-poly 3D models of varying complexity and purpose. The company’s 3D modelers have over 10 years of experience working with models for such fields as marketing, architecture, education and manufacturing.

The studio works on models for 3D visualization of products, 3D catalogs, virtual tours, simulators, etc. There are also specialists for creating game models for Unity and Unreal engines. The portfolio is quite extensive and confirms that the studio has dealt with both product modeling and games and has expertise in both directions. Game modeling is dominated by asset, vehicle and building models, while commercial modeling is dominated by furniture and appliances. Take a closer look at this studio if you see the item you need in the above list.


This Indian 3D modeling studio is completely dedicated to game art. Despite the relatively small staff, the company boasts a fairly large portfolio of 3D characters, vehicles, assets and objects for the environment.

All game models are adapted to the game engine you need and, if necessary, are prepared for animation. As for the areas of special pride, these are models of military equipment, weapons and equipment – in the company’s portfolio, you will find many impressive samples.


ThePro3DStudio is an American 3D visualization company for e-commerce, architecture, education, advertising and manufacturing. The small age of the studio is not a drawback – it has already accumulated many positive reviews from clients and a large number of cases.

The key directions of the company are 3D product modeling and rendering, furniture modeling, creation of 3D designs ready for printing, interior and exterior modeling, as well as 3D sculpting. In terms of products, the company dealt with models such as gadgets, home appliances, electronics, medical equipment, and fashion objects and home decor items. The studio’s portfolio is especially distinguished by its interior designs – they are diverse, visually appealing and well-designed.


This is a Ukrainian company fully focused on 3D – it sells 3D printers and scanners, as well as creates 3D models that can then be printed on a 3D printer. This is the main specialization of the company in the 3D modeling service – the creation of models for 3D printing.

In addition, the studio is engaged in 3D modeling based on drawings, sketches and real objects, 3D modeling for medical purposes, as well as architectural 3D modeling. In the portfolio of the 3DDevice studio, you can find a huge number of examples of prototyping, small-scale production and 3D printing of plastic parts created on the basis of 3D models.


Custom modeling of furniture and various products is the main service of the American studio VegaCADD. Local specialists are also ready to prepare created models for animation, create a virtual tour, walkthrough and 3D architectural floor plans for interiors and birds-eye rendering for exteriors.

The models created in the studio can be used in the architectural, commercial and advertising spheres. 3D modelers here have many years of experience and an excellent understanding of the specifics of 3D modeling to create the perfect product or architectural design. The studio’s portfolio includes many worthy examples of furniture modeling and 3D rendering of interiors and exteriors, which can be considered a key specialization of the company.

Key Considerations for Effective 3D Modeling Collaborations

Collaboration in 3D modeling involves multiple stakeholders working together to create intricate and detailed models. Here are some key considerations for ensuring effective 3D modeling collaborations:

Clear Communication Channels

Establish clear communication channels to ensure all team members agree regarding project objectives, requirements, and timelines. Regular meetings, video conferences, and project management tools can facilitate communication and collaboration among team members, regardless of their location.

Defined Roles and Responsibilities

Assign specific roles and responsibilities to each team member to ensure accountability and clarity. Clearly define who is responsible for modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, and other tasks to avoid confusion and streamline the workflow. Encourage collaboration and cross-functional teamwork to leverage the diverse skills and expertise of team members.

Version Control and File Management

Implement robust version control and file management systems to track changes, revisions, and updates to 3D models. Use version control software or cloud-based collaboration platforms to manage assets, track changes, and ensure that team members are working with the latest versions of files. This helps prevent errors, conflicts, and data loss, ensuring smooth collaboration throughout the project lifecycle.

Collaboration Tools and Platforms

Utilize collaboration tools and platforms specifically designed for 3D modeling projects. Virtual whiteboards, online project management tools, and collaborative editing software enable real-time collaboration and feedback exchange among team members. Additionally, cloud-based rendering services allow for efficient rendering and sharing of high-resolution 3D models without the need for extensive hardware resources.

Feedback and Iteration

Encourage open communication and constructive feedback among team members to foster continuous improvement and iteration. Solicit feedback from stakeholders, clients, and end-users throughout the design process to ensure that the final product meets their expectations and requirements. Iterate on designs based on feedback and testing results to refine and optimize 3D models for better performance and user experience.

Technological Innovations Driving 3D Modeling

Technological innovations are continuously shaping the field of 3D modeling, enabling artists, designers, and engineers to create more realistic, immersive, and interactive experiences. Here are some key technological innovations driving advancements in 3D modeling:

Advanced Rendering Techniques

Advanced rendering techniques, such as physically based rendering (PBR), ray tracing, and global illumination, enable the creation of highly realistic and visually stunning 3D models. These techniques simulate the behavior of light in the real world, resulting in lifelike reflections, shadows, and materials that enhance the visual fidelity and realism of 3D renderings.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies are revolutionizing the way we interact with 3D models. VR allows users to immerse themselves in virtual environments and interact with 3D models in a spatially immersive manner, while AR overlays virtual objects onto the real world, enabling interactive and contextual experiences. These technologies have applications in gaming, education, training, architecture, and more, offering new ways to visualize and experience 3D content.

Real-time Collaboration Tools

Real-time collaboration tools facilitate collaboration among multiple stakeholders working on 3D modeling projects. Cloud-based platforms, virtual whiteboards, and collaborative editing software enable team members to work together in real-time, regardless of their geographical location. This enhances productivity, streamlines workflows, and fosters collaboration and communication among team members throughout the project lifecycle.

How Kevuru Games Will Help You Achieve the Best Results

Kevuru Games is primarily a game company, so here you will find the best specialists in game 3D modeling. At the moment, the company is already 12 years old, and 3D modeling is one of its strongest departments. It brings together experienced industry old-timers with 20+ years of experience, as well as young and incredibly talented 3D artists. 

Due to our collaboration with significant triple-A gaming companies, we have expertise in AAA game development. Most of our artists and developers are highly skilled experts who have worked on projects of diverse scopes and intricacies, have a higher education in contours, have sculpting skills, and know anatomy very well to depict characters or other objects as realistically as possible. 

Clear responsibility allocation, well-defined procedures, and transparent project management all contribute to meeting deadlines while adhering to all style and quality standards.

In addition to a powerful 3D character department that creates models for games like Star Wars, Kevuru Games boasts a large 3D environment team that creates realistic settings and 3D assets for games of various genres and styles. Over the entire period of the company’s work, the team has implemented more than 100 3D projects related to both casual mobile games and large-scale AAA blockbusters with a multi-million army of fans.

Kevuru Games’ 3D modelers are not just professionals in their field. Their main feature is that they know how to listen and hear the client. If you have a clear concept of future 3D models that you need to follow without the slightest deviation, they will visualize it in 3D in full analogy with the material provided. If your idea is not yet fully formed, requires additions or assumes variability, then our artists will offer a huge number of options that meet the highest aesthetic standards and keep up with modern gaming trends.You can easily make sure that these are not simple words by going to the portfolio section of our 3D modeling company. We will carefully analyze your request and select the optimal 3D team for your project. Rest assured that the result will exceed all your expectations.

You can easily make sure that these are not simple words by going to the portfolio section of our 3D modeling company. We will carefully analyze your request and select the optimal 3D team for your project. Rest assured that the result will exceed all your expectations.

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