Event Twins: Design & Blast – 2D character art and animation for a casual mobile game

About Fomo Games

Fomo Games is a Turkish mobile game developer based in Istanbul. The company was founded in 2019. Since then, it has grown to 50 people and has launched several projects. Fomo stands for Fear Of Missing Out, which defines their product vision and culture. The focus of the developers is casual games for a mass audience that can be played for years.

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Event Twins:
Design & Blast

Event Twins: Design & Blast is a casual game with an original story and match-3 elements. Twins Jen and Sarah turn their rivalry into a successful event planning company that players will develop over the course of the game. They have to organize dozens of amazing events, from weddings and birthdays to luxurious themed parties. Completing match-3 levels allows players to unlock new themes, decorations and fashion items that will make the event even more spectacular.

Production Workflow

Working on 2D art for casual games requires a carefully crafted and coordinated approach that matches the visual stylе and narrative of the game.


Our goal was to create 2D art of characters and their outfits, as well as game cinematics for 20 game episodes in accordance with the provided brief and character sketches.


Our challenge was adapting the resulting art to the stylе of the game and meeting the necessary technical requirements to ensure optimal game performance.

Event Twins: Design & Blast

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Stage 1. Creating outfits

Our initial task was to create outfits for the finished characters. At that time, the game was in the demo stage and had 2 ready-made characters. Our 2D artists created and rendered outfits in accordance with the brief and sketches provided by the client.

Stage 2. Creating 2D characters

After successfully completing work on several outfits, the client offered a larger job – creating characters from scratch. For each of the characters, we had to create 4 outfits, the components of which could be combined and form new outfits.

Stage 3. Creating cinematics

In addition to working on static art, the client requested the creation of cinematics. To do this, we connected 2D animators to work. The specifics of cinematics required animators to pay special attention to the characters' hands and emotions, which change depending on the narrative component.

Team Structure

Our team has extensive experience working on casual games for mobile devices: we immediately selected the optimal team of specialists.

  • Lead 2D artist

    Organizes and coordinates the work of 2D artists, taking into account the goal, brief and provided or developed sketches.
  • 2D artists

    Create all the necessary 2D art in accordance with the brief: 2D characters, 2D outfits for characters and their combinations.
  • Lead 2D animator

    Organizes and coordinates the work of 2D animators to ensure a high-quality result in accordance with approved requests.
  • 2D animators

    Responsible for the creation and adaptation of 2D animation for the formation of game cinematics.
  • Technical artist

    Ensures the compliance of the created 2D art with the game engine and its correct technical implementation into it.
  • Project manager

    Provides a high level of project planning, organization and execution to ensure that all requirements are met.

Values Delivered

Working on a casual game allowed us to once again demonstrate our skills in the field of 2D character art and make the game as visually appealing as possible.

During the 12 months of working with Fomo Games on the Event Twins: Design & Blast project for mobile devices, we created a large number of 2D character art and outfits for them. Thanks to a clear understanding of the game's style, well-coordinated work and streamlined workflows, our team was able to fulfill all the requirements of the client and create visual content for 20 episodes of the game.

Client testimonial

It was such a great experience and process to work with you as a team for Event Twins. We appreciate your work, effort and care for the game, and want to thank all of you as product team for your great cooperation and communication. I hope we will be in touch for the new projects ahead
Terry Williamson
Zeynep Oral

Product Specialist at FOMO Games

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