Why Use AR for Game Development

We can talk about the advantages and prospects of AR for a long time – this is an improved gaming experience with physical activity and hands-free gameplay, custom control methods, increased immersiveness, and a more personalized approach. So let's highlight the main benefits.

  • Great Prospects and Business Benefits

    AR technology is gaining momentum and capturing not only entertainment, but also other niches. At this stage, AR games have a significant advantage over non-AR games and could potentially reap the majority of the mobile gaming market.

  • Rich Community Opportunities

    AR games provide an opportunity to contact other players by watching their actions in real time. AR games have great support and a wide gaming community that contribute to an even greater increase in their popularity.

  • Possibilities of Using Authentic Controls

    The use of special AR tools such as the AR Reality Glasses opens up greater game control possibilities using human body gestures, hand and finger movements, and so on. This provides a more lively and authentic gaming experience.

Our Fundamental Benefits in AR Game Development

Our AR game development services are backed by a solid grasp of the best tool for AR projects, Unity, as well as countless completed AR projects for clients around the world.

Quick Facts About Us

We focus on providing AR video game programming services to provide an impeccable gaming experience. Our game experts have a wealth of experience that allows us to help global game studios with their game projects.

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Our Models of Cooperation

  • # Fixed Price

    We provide our outsourcing services at a fixed price, previously agreed and approved with the client and based on a detailed description of the project.

  • # Time and Material

    Under the T&M model, work is carried out in short stages with payment for a specific time. It is suitable for long-term projects with changing requirements.

  • # Dedicated Team

    A dedicated offshore team is offered as an extension of your own infrastructure with full support and access to all necessary resources and facilities.



Is Unity good for AR development?

Unity is considered the best tool for augmented reality game development. It offers many advanced features for creating a high-quality AR experience, as well as a huge Unity Asset store with a wide variety of content.

How is AR related to game design?

Augmented reality game design implies a competent balance of interaction between the real environment and virtual elements. Effects are applied using certain sensors – GPS, microphones, and cameras.

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