Game design services

High-quality art is an important part of every application and game development process. With KEVURU Games you can enjoy a range of products starting from 2D/3D characters, 3D objects or environments, 3D animation, Concept ART, casual game art and much more depending on your vision.

2D art

  • 2D concept art and illustrations
  • 2D characters & objects
  • 2D animation

3D art

The KEVURU Games team’s primary art expertise lies in characters and objects that are technically perfect and extremely detailed, and the team’s creations have been used for big-time game titles.

  • 3D realistic and stylized characters
  • 3D objects. realistic props, weapons, vehicles
  • Full 3D stages environmental design concepts

concept art

Concept art in games is a fundamental part of exploring the aesthetic nature of character/creature design, encounters, props or other ideas. It allows the artist to discover a variety of ideas quickly and effectively, and enhance and polish out subtle details together with the Art Director.


  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation

Key expertise includes bringing characters to life with data processing and gamification of 2D/3D scanning services. You will also find 2D/3D Keyframe and Spine animation projects in our portfolio.

game dev

We assess the scope of the work carefully and propose dedicated teams comprised of producers, engineers, artists and QA resources to realize their game ideas. If a client has is a high concept or simply an idea, we flesh out the design details and build around a creative seed that germinates into something amazing.

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