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High-quality animation helps to create a strong bond between a player and a character providing the user with an unforgettable experience. Kevuru Games is ready to assist you with character animation, environment animation, special visual effects, rigging, skinning. Our qualified team will be glad to help you with 2d and 3d animation with usage of Spine 2d, Adobe After Effects, 3d MAX, Maya.

If you are looking for the right partner to work on 2D/3D art, game design or game development, we are glad to discuss your project requirements and provide you with initial estimations and production schedule upon request.
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Animation in Details
Game animation is a special field with its specific features and characteristics. Many believe that game and cinematic animation are almost the same as artists use the same tools and principles to create characters and make them move. Despite this common misconception, these two fields are entirely different and require precise attention of specialists. In particular, game animation is essential to balancing gameplay and storytelling by creating a brand-new world full of adventures and exciting tasks. Animation helps to create a strong bond between a player and a character providing the user with an unforgettable experience. It also supports the story and translates the role of a hero in the gaming world.
2D Animation
2D animation involved creating objects, characters, and storyboards in the two-dimensional space and making them move with the help of cutting-edge animation tools, such as Moho, Spine or After Effects. Such figures can move left and right, up and down making it possible for the player to manage the character and perform a set of functions in the story. However, if you want it to move forward or away from the view, you have to resort in 3D animation that adds realism to the game setting. Moreover, 2D assets are more lightweight compared to 3D ones, which makes it easier for game developers to integrate them into new and existing products.

Kevuru Games is an outsourcing art production and game development studio which provides full-cycle services to clients worldwide. We pay precise attention to employees' expertise and heavily invest in staff training to deliver the best possible result for our customers. Our 2D animators put their expertise and skills to deliver 2D objects that align with gameplay and the central idea of your project.
    3D Animation
    3D animation is the process of creating moving objects in three-dimensional space. In contrast to 2D characters, these heroes can move forward and backward providing the player with more possibilities in the game. Since the end of the 20th century, 3D animated characters are gaining popularity among game designers and artist. The primary explanation behind this trend is a high level of realism established by three-dimensional objects. 3D elements look for appealing to the player and ensure a high level of involvement in the gameplay.

    3D animation is suitable for a wider range of genres and characters. Such objects are more impressive and realistic, which make games more popular among the younger generation. 3D animators produce a more stylized and detailed form of visuals that help to convey heroes' traits of character, attitudes, behavior and background. Apart from that, for game developers and designers, 3D animation is more impressive and generates higher revenues due to high user engagement rate.

    Kevuru Games talents apply the latest 3D animation tools and techniques, such as Maya, Houdini and Blender 4D, to create 3D animated assets that perfectly align with your project idea. We produce custom animation that makes your game unique and targets a specific audience.

    Why work with Kevuru Games?
    Dedicated and Experienced Team
    Our team of animators is constantly honing their skills and expertise to provide you with exceptional experience. We are working with industry-leading companies that always challenge our workers with fascinating tasks. Our experts have extensive experience in producing quality 2D and 3D animation for a variety of projects. We are ready to support you at any stage of the game development process and perform the task of any complexity.
    Сustom Art and Animation
    Kevuru Games artists focus on producing custom animation that will make a perfect match in your project. Our game experts carefully listen to your requirements and suggestions to come up with the concept to breath life into your idea. They also develop a detailed estimation taking into account all cost. During the whole project, the team builds effective communication to ensure you will be satisfied with the outcome.
    Latest Technologies
    We regularly analyze the market to spot the latest trends and implement them in art production and game development process. We use only state-of-the-art tools and apply the highest quality standards to deliver appealing and realistic animation.
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