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High-quality game art is an essential component of every application and game development process.
Computer games development is a fairly well-established process, which has certain stages that all games go through when created.
Game animation is a special field with its specific features and characteristics.
Video game art design begins in the pre-production phase of creating a video game.
Unity Development
Unity has various tools, features and constant updates to its developers in store, which helps in producing high-loaded games with extreme resolutions and great performance.
Unreal Development
Unreal is one of the most cutting edge 3D engines that allows us to design games with high resolution and performance on PC and console platforms.
Mobile Games Development
Mobile game development is a sophisticated process that includes various steps like ideation of storylines, settings, and characters, production, realization, and monetization.
PC Games Development
Game design deals with the conceptual side of things. Designers come up with the initial vision for a game. The mechanics, the core concepts, the aesthetics.
Console Games Development
Our company has extensive experience of our game developers on all major console platforms - Xbox, Nintendo, PS4.
VR Games Development
A game is another world, a VR is what makes this experience real. We provide VR game development services to transform a conventional approach to games.
2D Animation
We put in motion characters, environments and other game objects with the help of powerful 2D animation.
3D Animation
Our 3D animators create characters, environments, and objects that move like in real life, but they are easily implemented in games of any style.
Concept Art
Each game has its own visual style that makes it stand out from the gaming crowd.
Environment Design
Environment design is a crucial component of any project as it sets the atmosphere of the game.
Character Design
Creating a game character is one of the most joyful and fun aspects of game art.
2D Art
2D art is an art performed on the flat surface, which is limited in height and depths. This term excludes all 3D forms, such as sculpture and architecture.
3D Art
3D art is created by manipulating polygon meshes and composing them into realistic objects, characters and environments.
AAA art
AAA artworks require a lot of resources, including a highly-skilled team that specializes in full-cycle 2D/3D art production.
Slot Games Art
Slots and casino occupy a big market share in gaming. While table games hold 90% of players' activity, slot machines constitute nearly 70-80% of online casino revenues.
Casual Games Art
Due to high levels of creativity and expertise in art, we manage to create artworks for casual games, which are of great interest to players around the world.

3D Character Design

Kevuru Games is a 3D character art company that offers 3D character modeling services to create unique, bright and interactive characters for any storyboard or work on a 3D game character from scratch. Our 3D character designers apply a creative artistic vision and scrupulous professional approach to each project.
3D Character Design

Our 3D Character Modeling Services

Full Concept Development

Every memorable 3D character starts with a well-thought-through concept endowed with distinctive features. Our concepts are based on the background and the idea behind characters, that reflects on their personality and role in the story. Impersonation goes in sync with the client's vision all way long.

Highly-Tailored Detailing

Attention to detail is what makes our 3D characters outstanding on the market. 3D artists at Kevuru Games create rich textures and other details to avoid plastic-looking characters with the help of effective 3D art techniques and top 3D art software applying them to improve and detalize each character.

High/Low-Poly 3D Modeling

Our 3D character animation studio is ready to adjust 3D models to your needs, hence, you will get a low-poly or high-poly model. For example, we will design a low poly game character for phone hardware, and usually, a high poly for computer hardware, as it can handle millions of polygons in real-time.

Organic 3D Sculpting

Sometimes applying 3D modeling isn't enough and the character's body doesn't look detailed and natural enough. That's where our specialists use their digital brushes and other tools to manipulate polygonal mesh to make artworks more organic and life-alike.

Enhancing with UV Mapping

UV mapping allows our modelers to project a 3D object on the 2D surface with UV (horizontal and vertical) coordinates, which can be manipulated and edited after projection. We unwrap our 3D models to accurately texture each of them. We provide a link between the surface mesh and how the texture will be applied to that surface.

Subject-Specific Sketching

A proper sketch of the future 3D character is fundamental, as it will render shapes, basic features, and looks, acquire a role in the storyboard. A sketch then will be transformed into the 3D mesh and become a flexible material for further adjustments.
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3D Character Art Portfolio

Our Clients

We are a 3D character studio focused on various areas and quality 3D character modeling services. Our 2D / 3D artists and animators have wide experience that allows us to help global gaming companies with their popular games.
3d character design services for Fortnite
3d character animation services for Storyscape
3d character modeling services for Electronic Arts
3d animation character design for Good Game
Kevuru Games' flexibility and willingness to work quickly despite all issues resulted in a successful product upon first review. They produced good work, and the end product has positive reviews and no major crashes.
They provided good feedback, and weren't afraid of making suggestions that would improve the end product.
James Kucera, Former Head of Mobile Development, Bandai Namco America
Kevuru Games' flexibility and willingness to work quickly despite all issues resulted in a successful product upon first review. They produced good work, and the end product has positive reviews and no major crashes.
They provided good feedback, and weren't afraid of making suggestions that would improve the end product.
James Kucera, Former Head of Mobile Development, Bandai Namco America
It was a pleasure working with Kevuru Games. They're very professional and understand the slot business very well. On top of that they had good suggestions regarding the animations and art style which we incorporated into our games. I will definitely work with them in the future.
Amichai Naveh Marmor, Games Director at Techona
We found Kevuru for animation via an extensive animation test comparing many vendors. Kevuru's work stood out with realism in all details. They kept it up since then doing most of character animations for Stormdivers summer 2018 release and the closed beta. Everything within a tight schedule.
Niko Mäkelä, Art Manager, Housemarque
We found Kevuru for animation via an extensive animation test comparing many vendors. Kevuru's work stood out with realism in all details. They kept it up since then doing most of character animations for Stormdivers summer 2018 release and the closed beta. Everything within a tight schedule.
Niko Mäkelä, Art Manager, Housemarque

Why You Should Trust Us:


Full Transparency in Our 3D Character Studio

The way we work on projects is totally transparent. Our customers can participate in the 3D character design process or keep track of it all - from the first steps to the finishing touches on a 3D character. No question is ignored during the workflow to keep everyone informed of the progress on the project.

Total Flexibility & Custom 3D Art Solutions

We are the middlemen between our customer's vision and bringing them into 3D world reality. Kevuru Games provides quick feedback and instant custom implementation to ensure that none of the discussed improvements was missed out.

Expertise in 3D Character Design Services

We don't just offer a 3D character artist for hire, we offer you an expert, a team player, and a partner. We set up every project only with professionals of relevant experience. Our teams put their extensive experience in delivering a completed product.

Our Principles in 3D Character Design Services


Close Cooperation with a Team of 3D Designers

Artwork creation requires a full synergy between the all-round vision and professional implementation of creative ideas. That is why regular sittings with a customer and discussions are crucial for us. We listen, communicate and only then offer a solution.

Tailoring Every Detail to Maximum Visual Effects

Every curve of the body, every line of a smile or a garment piece is important to the overall image of 3D characters we create to make it realistic or highly stylized. Details make up a story, and we know how to design a breath-taking one to approach the desired visual effect.

Custom Selection of 3D Character Design Services

Every project is unique and requires just the right professionals - from sculpting to final rendering. Our customer will cooperate only with a 3D character creator who knows exactly how to make a 3D character the most appealing in a particular environment.

Unlimited Resources to Realize Your Project

No matter what type of art projects you intend to order - design, video animation, we are always ready to complete it having many technical resources at hand. Each of our experts is experienced in using different 3D art tools to guarantee final great results.
If you are looking for the right partner to get services on 3D game character modeling, we are glad to discuss the requirements of your project and provide you with a preliminary estimate and production schedule upon request.
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What Is 3D Character Design?
We are all familiar with 2D or two-dimensional pictures: a conventional way of depicting characters or objects on the canvas. They can be only views from one angle and it is harder to imagine them in space. With a breakthrough in technology, particularly graphical one, it has become possible to render such objects in a 3D or three-dimensional way, that is we can now see them in real space, from all the angles, as if they existed in reality. However, in the 3D case, objects exist in digital reality.

3D designers model the character with the help of 3D editor software tools. The whole process undergoes several pipelines which usually demand different software programs. Modern modeling techniques allow us to create hyper-realistic characters in various settings. Nowadays, there are no limits to creating a real piece of art.

Who actually needs 3D characters? Any brand strives for recognition and standing out from its competitors, keeping up with the demands and changes of the modern world. Creating one's own 3D character helps to create a memorable and positive image associated with a brand, turn different generations to it and improve interaction with customers. Such a 3D character can be used in various ways, both digital and offline ones.

What Are the Stages of 3D Character Design?
Any 3D character design process demands both an artistic view and a scrupulous professional approach. Read on the stages every 3D artwork needs to undergo before being released into the digital world.

  1. Block-out. To make a full-functioning model is integral to any 3D modeling process. At this stage, we take a real-life object model as a fundamental for our future 3D model, distinguish the parts that can be present in it and shape these elements geometrically, which is blocking them out. Such an approach allows us to spend less time and effort on preparing a solid plan and basis for future artwork and, therefore, concentrate more on details and tailoring the concept.
  2. Sculpting\Modeling (HighPoly). A 3D character will never turn into a proper animation without being sculpted and modeled To achieve a well-functioning topology, we start with modeling an object, that is giving it a mathematical three-dimensional representation, including its points in 3D space and geometric elements. The next step is digital sculpting which reminds the conventional approach but only with digital tools. We deliver sculpting in high-poly organic modeling. It suits best for complex objects with many irregular curves and surfaces, just like 3D characters are.
  3. Low-poly modeling. Low-poly modeling stands for a low number of polygons in a polygon mesh. It is a great solution to optimize a high-poly model for game real-time applications, for instance, games. On the contrary to high-poly ones, they perform better in games scenarios. As for the appearances, optimization has surely its influence here and such 3D models will often look simpler and more blocky. However, at the same time they will also be easily animated, more flexible and function better.
  4. UV unwrapping and Texturing. When a 3D character model is ready, our next step will be to unwrap the model by their UV coordinates, that is unfolding the mesh into geometrical forms and laying them out on a flat page. We use every flat 2D page to paint textures which are then rendered together with maps. Finally, we polish the appearances of 3D characters by using proper textures, work with surface and colors. When we finally apply the texture, we see if there are no overlaps and reduce the number of seems. The result is a 3D character that moves in a digital space and is ready to be put into a setting.

How to Hire 3D Character Designers?
Today 3D character designers are in high demand, so there should be a structured and efficient way to hire professionals for this particular type of 3D modeling.

Firstly, consider the professional background. 3D modelers are working on a different basis: some at the studios, some are freelancers. With the first type, you are provided with more guarantees that the work will be delivered on a high level. When working with freelancers, make sure they are highly ranked and have close to 100% positive feedback.

Secondly, ask about the experience. 3D character artist's experience must be relevant to the project you are going to recruit them for. The more solid experience, the better, however, do not rely on this indicator the most. Throwing a glance at the portfolio will shed more light.

Thirdly, look through a portfolio. Every respected 3D artist will be ready to demonstrate their polished portfolio. The artworks have to display the level of skills, genres of artworks, placement of characters, etc.

A hint: find a character related to your request and see how the work was rendered. Remember that a good 3D character designer must ace such tools as Photoshop, Substance Painter, 3D/Maya, and desirably ZBrush. Let them be supplied with 3D art examples. Put creativity to the highlight.

When recruiting a 3D artist, don't hesitate to ask about their opinion on characters they have created or challenge them into the task of creating a new one. Do you like their ideas? Are they creative and coincide with yours? Take these points into consideration and you'll surely get a great expert for your project.
Why Outsource 3D Character Design Services?
Hiring outsourcing staff is an excellent solution for the companies that want to save more on extending their teams, however, not at the expense of quality. They can offer separate 3D design professionals or dedicated teams at a lower, more reasonable price. Such teams have already proved their devotion to the 3D modelling art and care about their reputation just like any other highly-respected studio out there.

Outsource teams run the whole 3D character modeling process from scratch. The price already includes management expenses that you don't even burden yourself with. They take full responsibility for the delivered product, whatever unexpected situations might pop up.

One of the most convenient benefits is recruiting, which is usually the hardest part of setting up the project. An outsource 3D team is in charge of selecting the most appropriate professionals for the project. And if there is an incident with losing one of them in full spring of the work, this is the job of the outsource team to find a replacement. And the best point about it - it never reflects on the project price you agreed on.

So, outsourcing is not just done to reduce the expenses, it covers plenty of other reasons to hire an offshore 3D team and get benefits from the cooperation.
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If you are looking for the right partner that can provide 3D character design services, we are glad to discuss your project requirements and provide you with initial estimations and production schedules upon request.
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