Environment design

  • Concept development
  • Full-cycle environment design
  • 3D modeling
  • Unwrapping
  • Texturing
  • Afobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • After Effects
  • Moho
  • Maya
  • Spine


Environment design is a crucial component of any project as it sets the atmosphere of the game. With the right choice of a setting, we create a variety of situations that immerse the player in the virtual world. It is a kind of game body in which characters are placed. 


The first element is the game concept, which defines the rules of the game and the mechanics of the player’s interaction with the virtual world. How fast does a character run and how high does he jump? What obstacles and characters will he meet on the way? How will he interact with them? Concept designer answers all these questions taking into account your project idea, requirements and business needs.


Details play a vital role in the way the environment is constructed and how it is perceived by the user. A powerful game engine together with animation and illustration software allow designers to create and edit game content. We provide full-stack support in game development. Our programmers write quality code to implement game functionality and ensure you get the product that best meets your needs. It is also quite easy to maintain, which would not require substantial resources in further development. 

Quality game art helps to create special bonds between a player and a character immersing him in the virtual world. Visual elements are produced by 2d/3d artists working in various fields of computer graphics. Concept artists come up with a unique look of the game world. Virtual sculptors build character models and animators bring them to life, giving each movement its own unique style. All these details help to endue heroes with the right traits, convey the atmosphere of a particular historical epoch and set the right mood in the game. 

The texture is a raster image, imposed on the model (high poly or low poly). This image is created in graphic design software that provides the texture with a certain shape, relief, and color in the rendering process.  

Mapping, or in other words, the process of texture mapping is a way of imparting desired properties to an object model and its surface, by applying a graphic image to a given surface. It is one of the most important stages in the construction of a 3d model. At this stage, the artist gives the necessary properties to the model of the object to make it more realistic.

After that, map baking takes place allowing artists to combine all the details and create a fully-fledged environment that will be implemented into your game.

As soon as all the above stages are complete, the project is sent to the client.