2d Character Design

  • 2D Assets Creation
  • Concept Development
  • Full-cycle character design
  • Rigging
  • Animation
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • After Effects
  • Spine
  • Maya


2D art is the composition with the dimensions of length and width but without depth, while 3D illustrations have three dimensions – length, width, and depth. Despite the fact that we see the world in all three dimensions, most of the representations of the world are two dimensional – drawings, photographs on flat paper or computer screens. 

Stages of creating 2D characters

2D art is one of the most important parts of the multimedia industry where different characters are created for video games, animated films or commercials. Usually, the process of creating 2D characters begins with concept development. Every character must have its own story and appear in a particular context. It is crucial to work out their nature, goals and motivation. A well-developed story of characters is a basis of great results in the end. 

Being equipped with effective references, we start designing all characters – how they will look like, what weapons or abilities they will have and so on. After that, we proceed with creating a silhouette. It is one of the important elements – it is to be easily perceived and express the precise nature of a 2D character. As a result, we have several sketches to choose from. 

Further on, we go through it in more detail. At this stage, more attention is paid to inner silhouettes and the overall composition of a character. When everything is composed and the character’s appearance is finished, we pass on to the next stage. We adopt suitable tones, define the materials and watch if the readability is kept. No elements mustn’t run into an unclear mess. Have set the right tone for a character, we add the sources of lighting that would highlight the dimensions efficiently. 

It’s time to move to the final stage of creating a 2D character – its painting. Primarily, we need to sort out different variants of color combinations to choose the most winning one. Keep in mind that the color makes a big difference in the general perception of the game environment. For that reason, you should be especially careful in your choice of colors for characters.

Finally, when a character is shown at its best, we add a little bit of postprocessing and special effects to strengthen it – and voila, our 2D character is prepared and ready for game battles 

As you can see the whole process requires a lot of effort and time to turn an idea into visually compelling characters. However, our professional team can cope with every challenge! It is a common practice for us to develop new 2D characters for different genres of games – platform, arcade, and adventure games. 

In fact, 2D art is widely-spread in many areas, but gaming is one of the key areas in which the work of an artist is really valuable. Each player is eager to plunge into the virtual world and not to emerge for a long time. Only well-developed characters can catch the interest of gamers. So, what skills allow a specialist to create good 2D characters?

3 Key benefits offered by Kevuru Games

  • A proven track record of creating modern 2D artworks. Due to a vast experience in the gaming market (more than 7 years), we are proud to have a number of projects successfully completed that are enjoyed by millions of users worldwide. Be one of those who are satisfied with the final great results.
  • A professional team of talented 2D artists. We are proud to have a dedicated team of specialists in 2D computer graphics. So, there is someone who can realize any of your ideas immediately after receiving an order from you.
  • A “getting things done” attitude to each 2D illustration. Each project is thoroughly studied to meet all the requirements, to miss no essential detail. Our services are aimed at a high satisfaction rate among clients. So, apply to our competence in 2D art.