Hidden object games

  • Character design
  • 2D/3D Assets Creation
  • Unity and Unreal Engine Development
  • Object-oriented Programming
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Spine
  • Maya
  • Unity


Hidden object games are always bright and impressive. They attract players of all ages with colorful and detailed environments that might take hours to examine. This genre is rich for nitty-gritty details that evoke curiosity and keep your attention for a long time. They immerse you in the virtual world with eye-catching objects and fascinating setting where you feel like a hero of a fantastic story. We specialize in developing hidden object games that appeal to a diverse audience. Our artists create unique artworks that present your project idea in the best way.

Hidden object games are gathering popularity among players of all ages and backgrounds. It is an adventure-type game where there is the mission to find given objects in complicated scenes. 

About 5 downloads out of 10 overall downloads are related to this mystery game genre. Indeed, they will always stay trendy for many reasons:

  • The compelling content of games engages directly in finding hidden objects – sometimes, they are under very nose but unlooked-at.
  • Due to various themes available (crime stories, famous film plots, etc.), there is a wide range of games suit any taste.
  • They are entertaining and useful at the same time – while playing, many problem-solving skills are being developed (logic, pattern recognition, analysis, etc.);
  • They’re simple to play and easy to download
  • The detailed artwork and careful design engross most players.

Let’s dwell on the hidden object game art – what work stages it includes, what concepts and skills are relevant to it and where it is better to order art objects for these games. 

How to work on hidden object games: 3 key stages

Our team is proud of creating compelling, bright and sophisticated environments and objects for this genre. Below, 3 key work stages are presented in detail – from design to the final results. 

  • Design stage

Every game starts with the design of each element – from general to particular. What does mean? It is vital to consider the mood and story of a game, invent a hook and interesting mechanics. With a list of ideas, the actual work on design starts – all 3D/2D models are gathered and properly designed, other objects are developed as well, the neat lines with setup are rendered, the color lighting design is produced.

  • Finished art stage

After the initial design is approved, the next step is to finish the game design – rendering 3D images, overpainting 2D pictures, texture mapping, setting shaders, layers, and masks to get the best of objects and used materials (wood, fabric, marble, metal, etc.)

  • Object placement and overpainting stage

The final stage is the arrangement of all the objects in the scene so that they fit the time and the story of a game. All the objects must look believable to be placed in a particular environment  Besides, they must match with real-life sizes that make them look realistic in the scene.

Key concepts of hidden object games

Every game design starts with the concept development. So, what are possible ideas for hidden-object games? Look at the list of widely-spread concepts below to find something interesting for yourself. The hidden object game can be based on:

  • The plot of a film or a cartoon. Be it Titanic or Pirates of the Caribbean, it will be attention-grabbing to seek hidden objects in famous environments. For example, the final stage in the game with pirates is the search of their treasure (not always theirs, but still, they are pirates).
  • A certain historical period. It can be either the Stone Age, Classical Antiquity or Post-Classical History, many fans will be found to play these hidden object games.
  • The geographic area. Some gamers will find it catchy to search for hidden projects in the mountains or forests while others will prefer to look at Sahara.
  • Fairy tales. It is much more aimed at children who like different characters and stories. It is possible to dive them in their favorite scenes in eye-catching game environments.  

The KEVURU GAME’s team is ready to develop and design hidden object games for any taste. Impressive 2D/3D objects and game environments are created to catch the attention of any games. It is the general truth if a player is engaged in the game, the user engagement rate gets higher, which is essential for any gaming industry. Gain better recognition in this field with professionals!