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2D art is an art performed on the flat surface, which is limited in height and depths. This term excludes all 3D forms, such as sculpture and architecture. 2D art comprises a wide array of artworks, such as illustrations, design, comics, artwork, photography, graphics, drawing, which differ primarily in terms of the medium used for their creation and technique of execution.

In the broadest sense, it is possible to divide 2d art into two categories: traditional and digital 2D art. While traditional 2d art is performed with the help of paints and pencils, digital direction involves the application of special software for the creation of 2D images. Since large game development corporations have to handle art production tasks quickly to meet tight deadlines, they often choose to outsource a project to optimize business processes. However, before delegating a part of work to your partner, you should decide on the type of 2D art, compose a list of requirements and conduct market research to find a reliable vendor for your project. 

Classification of 2D art

Pixel Art

Such artworks are created using small pixels that contribute to the formation of a specific object, item or character in the game. All pixels are of the same size, but the artist can assign a color and arrange them to create an image. Game developers and designers actively use pixel art in their projects. It is extremely popular these days so you can find plenty of examples in the Apple Store and Play Market. For instance, Fez has recently scored a record 10 million downloads, which means using pixel art in your game can be really profitable. 

Raster graphics 

This type of graphics represents non-line pixel-based art that is commonly used to depict digitized photographs and scanned artworks. Digital art frequently comes in raster representation due to its subtle chromatic gradation and undefined shapes. Such images make artworks look as if they were created using paints. To maximize the quality of raster graphics, the resolution of artwork needs to be taken into account. As a rule, the resolution is measured in dpi, which is defined as decoded as ‚Äúdots per inch‚ÄĚ. If you increase the dpi, you get a better quality image. Our 2D experts have all the necessary skills and knowledge to analyze your idea, select the right resolution to adjust the illustration to your requirements.¬†

Vector Graphics

Vector graphics is the type of art that applies a sequence of commands that are based on mathematical estimations used to place lines and shapes in the given 2D form. Such digital images come with higher accuracy as the coordinates of the points between which the curves can be drawn can be accurate to one-hundredth of a micron. Since vector images are composed based on a certain mathematical formula, which makes them resolution-independent. 

2D Services We Provide

Kevuru Games is an outsourcing art production and game development studio that provides a full spectrum of 2D services to clients worldwide. With an exceptional reputation for delivering quality art within a limited timeframe, we strive to build long-term collaboration with all customers. Regardless of whether you decide to delegate a single task to us or outsource a project, we are always ready to support you with:

  • 2D illustration
  • 2D concept art¬†
  • 2D characters and objects
  • 2D assets creation
  • Texturing¬†

If you have any other requests, contact our experts and they provide you with exhaustive information about our services. 

Why to work with Kevuru Games?

  • Proven Track of Successful Projects. Kevuru Games has 7+ experience of working with market-leading companies worldwide and has a number of successful projects in its portfolio. Starting with the concept art and ending up with complex environments, we are ready to guide you through the full cycle art production of art production.
  • Dedicated and Experienced Team. We are proud to have a team of dedicated 2D experts who are ready to take any project and deliver quality work regardless of the task complexity. Our professionals have a solid technological background and inexhaustible creativity, which helps them to meet your business targets.¬†
  • Technological Resources. Our team has all the necessary tools and technologies at their disposal to ensure they can bring your idea to life in the best possible way. We are aware of the latest trends and make sure our specialists implement them at work. Kevuru Games 2D experts create impactful and breathtaking art to complement your project and help it stand out from the crowd.¬†