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High-quality game art is an essential component of every application and game development process.
Computer games development is a fairly well-established process, which has certain stages that all games go through when created.
Game animation is a special field with its specific features and characteristics.
Video game art design begins in the pre-production phase of creating a video game.
Unity Development
Unity has various tools, features and constant updates to its developers in store, which helps in producing high-loaded games with extreme resolutions and great performance.
Unreal Development
Unreal is one of the most cutting edge 3D engines that allows us to design games with high resolution and performance on PC and console platforms.
Mobile Games Development
Mobile game development is a sophisticated process that includes various steps like ideation of storylines, settings, and characters, production, realization, and monetization.
PC Games Development
Game design deals with the conceptual side of things. Designers come up with the initial vision for a game. The mechanics, the core concepts, the aesthetics.
Console Games Development
Our company has extensive experience of our game developers on all major console platforms - Xbox, Nintendo, PS4.
VR Games Development
A game is another world, a VR is what makes this experience real. We provide VR game development services to transform a conventional approach to games.
2D Animation
We put in motion characters, environments and other game objects with the help of powerful 2D animation.
3D Animation
Our 3D animators create characters, environments, and objects that move like in real life, but they are easily implemented in games of any style.
Concept Art
Each game has its own visual style that makes it stand out from the gaming crowd.
Environment Design
Environment design is a crucial component of any project as it sets the atmosphere of the game.
Character Design
Creating a game character is one of the most joyful and fun aspects of game art.
2D Art
2D art is an art performed on the flat surface, which is limited in height and depths. This term excludes all 3D forms, such as sculpture and architecture.
3D Art
3D art is created by manipulating polygon meshes and composing them into realistic objects, characters and environments.
AAA art
AAA artworks require a lot of resources, including a highly-skilled team that specializes in full-cycle 2D/3D art production.
Slot Games Art
Slots and casino occupy a big market share in gaming. While table games hold 90% of players' activity, slot machines constitute nearly 70-80% of online casino revenues.
Casual Games Art
Due to high levels of creativity and expertise in art, we manage to create artworks for casual games, which are of great interest to players around the world.
How to Find Game Artists for Hire?
March 22, 2019
Author: Anastasia R
How can you find game artists for hire today? It is as easy as one-two-three – just go there where many specialists are! There are hundreds of talented and skilled game artists out there waiting for your job offer. The only thing is to find the best ones and start collaborating with them for the benefit of your business project. No idea where the artists hang out?

You're offered such types of hiring workers as:
Freelancing platforms like UpWork or Freelancer
Many professionals are ready to connect and collaborate remotely. Affordability, flexible time schedule, freedom, and independence are just several advantages of hiring freelancers. On top of all that, you have the chance to shortlist specialists based on your own needs – all you need to do is to try your luck. Don't hope that the first available freelancer is your dream worker.
In-house employees working on the company premises
In this case, take into account the expenses of this employment – the price of hiring each specialist (there should be a recruiter who you need to pay for searching the necessary worker quickly), the cost of office services, including rentals (if the office premises aren't bought out) and many others. You or your accountants will only find time to settle accounts for everything in brick-and-mortar offices and outside (various team-building activities and parties). But there is another side of the story – you're guaranteed your team will be physically present in a company. The constant face-to-face communication will contribute to the final results enormously.
Outstaffing services
It is a rapidly growing tendency and it is no wonder – a professional team of workers is gathered and ready to work on the tasks they specialize in. So what is offered in particular for this type of hiring game artists? For example, our company, Kevuru Games has all the necessary specialists of all levels and skills to deal with a gaming project /projects. You as a client can hire us to help with your specific needs. All the requirements, terms and conditions, guarantees of cooperation are put in a contract so that you and we can be sure in the effective work later on down the line. Contact us anytime.
If you've never hired a game artist before or have no slightest idea about the cost of their work, the next information is for you.
According to PayScale, game artist salaries start from $39,000 annually when it comes to entry-level art positions. This number can increase to $75,000 per year for senior and lead positions. The average salary for a game artist is around $57,000, but it's not limited to only this number. The rule that more experience a specialist has, the more they're likely to get paid doesn't always work well.

Outside the expertise level, there are many other factors affecting the final cost of a game artist's job:

  • A particular game style and genre may affect how much an artist is paid;

  • The scope of work also determines a game artist salary;

The salary of game artists varies by the country where they work. For example, artists have higher salaries in the USA than in Ukraine. ZipRecruiter offers some numbers for consideration.
Art Services
Avg salary in USA, $/hr
2D Artist
3D Artist
2D animator
3D animator
Concept artist
Game Designer
Key Requirements for Game Artists
To be a well-paid game artist, it is supposed to fulfill specific requirements set by the customer or employer. Having experience of creating games and art is usually enough to be hired as a game artist, especially if a candidate has an impressive portfolio with artworks. Most employers prefer those with experience and great work samples rather than with degrees. Well, what is required to get a job offer?
2D Art
Course completed in 2D game art, game design or a related area
Full understanding of 2D art mechanics and art production processes
Experience of working with 2D illustration software (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, SketchBook Pro, etc.)
Are you looking for proficient 2D artists to hire? Read more information about it in the article. Just for the record – we provide full-cycle services in 2D art. So, you can find it very useful at the moment.
3D Art
Degree in Art, or relevant experience
Complete understanding of 3D art techniques and art production cycle
High awareness of all the contemporary 3D illustration software, such as 3DsMax, Maya, ZBrush, Marvelous Designer, etc.
Work in 3D art requires creativity and technological skills. We offer full-cycle 3D art services and focus on long-term collaboration. If you have a great project idea but experience troubles with implementation, be sure our skilled professionals will select the most optimal solution in each case.
2D Animation
Completing an animation training program
Good drawing and sculpting skills backed up by extensive experience in the field
The ability to create 2D animation and graphics with the help of software (Spine, After Effects, Moho (Anime studio), Toon Boom, Adobe Animate)
Work experience plays a crucial role in an animator's career. Our experts in 2D animation can provide high-quality services based on their valuable experience of working with state-of-the-art tools.
3D Animation
Deep understanding of 3D animation production
Practical experience in 3D modeling and animation
In-depth knowledge of computer software like Maya, Moho, 3DsMax, MotionBuilder, and more
In general, animation is extensive to learn and practice, but 3D is a fast-growing field to start progressing today. That's what our team is concerned with when offering 3D animation services to many projects.
Concept Art
Education in fine art or game art
Proficiency in drawing, painting, and 3D modeling demonstrated in a portfolio that proves these skills
Ability to work with Maya, 3DsMax, Painter, ZBrush, etc.
In fact, the talent, creativity and exceptional taste are the primary job requirements for concept artists. But most employers look for original art with a unique style. When you come to selecting the right concept artist for your project, strive to find the right balance of soft and hard skills.

To wrap it up, to hire a good game artist is half of the battle which you can win eventually. All you need to do is to determine the best way of hiring specialists for yourself. Remember about freelancing, outstaffing or outsourcing services? You can collaborate with artists on an hourly basis or fixed price model. You can hire the whole team of 2D/3D artists, animators, and game designers. Alternatively, you can resort to the services of only one professional from a team. It's up to you but keep in mind the specific features of each hiring model.

Do you intend to work with game artists in an office? Include all the expenses needed for team building in advance to become profitable finally. Your team must be quite motivated to go to work every day. Want to work with freelancers? Assess all possible risks – the incompetence of that person on that side of a screen, poor performance, considerable delays in delivering a product and so on. Avoid such risks beforehand by thoroughly conducted interviews via Skype or face to face meetings. Sometimes, it may be hard to do without recruiters' assistance. In this case, you need to pay for this work as well.

Do you still on the fence regarding hiring our dedicated team of game artists? All the costs, risks and benefits are taken into account. The benefits outweigh the risks since experts are working on your project. They do what is required of them – eye-catching illustrations for any custom project.
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