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Founded in 2017, Librasoftworks game studio develops vibrant and appealing mobile games. At the moment, the studio boasts 6 projects covering over 10 million users worldwide.


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Joy Blast
Word Universe
Spell Heroes
Joy Blast: match-three puzzle!
Joy Blast is a match-3 puzzle adventure game with interesting gravity mechanics and realistic physics. The player will have to solve puzzles, collect stars and build cities so that Fox, Rabbit and Bear can continue their adventures and create memories around the world. Players can also compare their progress with their friends and other players.
Production Workflow
Our 2D animators got a great opportunity to demonstrate their skills and create lively and attractive animations for game characters.
Joy Blast
The client provided all the necessary art that needed to be animated. Animation was needed for the main character – a fox and his friends – a bunny and a bear. The fox, as the main character, required the most in-game and pop-up animation. It was necessary to implement the animation of his movements and reactions to different results of the player's actions – a successfully completed level, failure, opening a new area, etc.

Our animation team quickly figured out the game's style and worked out animations for different reactions and movements of the characters. The client quickly approved our approach and further work proceeded like clockwork. Communication took place daily with the founder of the studio, who monitored progress and gave feedback. When we had questions or clarifications, the response from the client was instant, which allowed us to minimize downtime and avoid working at random.
Team Structure
To create 2D character animation, a team of suitable specialists was formed, already dealing with animation for casual games many times.
Lead 2D animator
Supervises a team of animators, evaluates the quality of their work and makes the necessary changes.
2D animators
Perform the assigned tasks for the animation of all game characters according to the brief.
Project manager
Provides a high level of project planning, organization and execution to ensure that all requirements are met.
Values Delivered

Thanks to a well-established workflow, our team managed to create an animation that fully satisfied the client.

For 1 month of cooperation, our 2D animation team gave movement to the characters of the game for in-game and pop-up animation and added to the game's attractiveness. The cute characters that react to the player's actions have greatly improved its ratings and downloads.

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