Mobile games

Smartphones and tablets are surging in popularity and apps are everywhere. With the proliferation of tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices, apps need to be accessible, engaging and well-designed. KEVURU GAMES offers expertise in the development and porting of games and apps to most existing platforms on the market.

Full-cycle game development

When our clients engage us we assess the scope carefully and propose dedicated teams comprised of producers, engineers, artists and QA resources to realize their game ideas. If all a client has is a high concept or simply an idea, we flesh out the design details and build around the creative seed that germinates into something great.

Multi-platform games and applications

New technologies enter our life every day. Our interactions with technologies are experiential as we move throughout the day from our desktop computers to tablets and smartphones while on the go. KEVURU team creates app and game experiences that are seamless.

Interactive books

Reading has become more engaging with the introduction of interactive books and magazines on smartphone and tablet devices.

We are flexible in our approach to development depending on your requirements – we can provide full development or serve as an adjunct of your existing development team. For more detailed information on how we can begin an engagement with you please contact us.

Online games

KEVURU GAMES has a team experienced in the production of Flash games, including casino games, scratch cards, lottery games, and slots. If you are looking for a team capable of producing online Flash games, we have experienced developers and artists with the experience and skills to deliver high quality games on schedule and within budget.

We are ready to provide you with assistance and more information on request.

Social games

Social games and apps have become a part of our everyday life. KEVURU GAMES specializes in developing games with regards to the specifics of given social network.

We offer solutions in the following areas:

  • Full-cycle game development
  • Porting existing games to other networks
  • Life support and feature development
  • Re-skin of existing social games

Our engineering team has a broad experience in an array of technologies, which allows us to create high quality entertainment experiences. Whether you need to convert Flash games into burgeoning HTML5 apps, complex JavaScript or jQuery client-side programming, or extensive back-end PHP programming, to name just a few, we are staffed to meet your needs.

Porting of existing titles

It frequently happens that successful titles are underrepresented on platforms that differ from their origin. Tons of successful titles used to disappoint users of the competing platform before finally being ported. You can avoid the rage of disappointed fans with KEVURU GAMES! Give us your game on basically any of the existing platforms, you name it, and we’ll deliver it to whatever other platform you wish.  By keeping the design and feature set aligned the capabilities and form factor of these new devices, KEVURU GAMES will help you take your game to new heights. Conquer new markets while making your fans happy with KEVURU GAMES!

Art Services

High quality art is an important part of every application and game, which is why we put much attention to art creation in our development process. KEVURU has 3D and 2D artists fully capable of creating art for social, casual and iPad/iPhone and Android games and applications.

We can assist you if you require any of the following:

  • 3D objects or environments
  • 3D and 2D characters
  • Flash art
  • 3D/2D art for social games

Art for your hidden object games

We will gladly furnish you with a professional team capable of delivering high quality art for your projects on time and in budget.