Rage of Realms

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Life is considered to be a divine gift. This is generally true, unless you live in the constant struggle for survival in the realm of My Kingdom Wars.

The internal struggle of feudal lords has been going for ages.Facing the new menace, a mysterious enemy that attacked unexpectedly, the realm has finally got a chance to set aside ancient dissension. Enemy hordes of unknown origin are coming from the uninhabited lands of the North. Little is known of their motives, besides total extermination of the human race.

However, instead of joining forces to fight the new common enemy, the umpteen lords, corrupted by power decided to take the risk and use it as a chance to conquer the shaky throne of the realm. You have a choice: become one of the challengers, or get devoured in the internecine struggle.

Become a lord of a once-great house, gather an alliance of loyalist lords, and march to avenge the years of disgrace!

  • Unique hexagon based playing field
  • Realistic atmosphere of Britain in the Middle Ages
  • 10 unique unit classes, each with its strategic strengths and weaknesses to effectively counter opponents’ offence and defense strategies
  • Historically accurate siege weaponry and fighting equipment
  • Numerous buildings to provide you with economic and military power to crush other challengers
  • Unique gameplay mechanics and game modes provide virtually unlimited gameplay options and game duration
  • Join an alliance to struggle for power together